By Phil McManus The '90s are already a fascinating decade for anybody interested in Australian cities. It seems our cities have been rediscovered, resuscitated, resurrected even, from the so-called "excesses" and "aberrations" of the 1980s.
Thousands in reclaim the night marches "This is the one night of the year when we are safe to wear what we like, go where we like and say what we like without fear of violence", said Joy McEntee form the Women's Action Group to a crowd of 100
Growth "A strategy for growth is what we need, a strategy for growth is what we are going to have." — British Prime Minister John Major, shortly after backing down on the Tory government's proposal to close down 31 of the country's coal mines
Campaign to repeal 45D and E MELBOURNE — A broad campaign to repeal sections 45 D and E of the Trade Practices Act (which prevent unions from protecting their members' rights through secondary boycotts) is being built around the independent
Endangered species: Back to square one To say the least, the draft Endangered Species Protection legislation adopted by Cabinet on October 27 is very inadequate. It will prove to be better than nothing at all only if it does not prevent
Feral Children Shooting Parties em = By Denis Kevans Fortunately, for the jaded international telescope rifle hunter, there are large and increasing numbers of outcast children living a carefree life in the broad expanses of Western Sydney.
NSW resource package 'a sweetheart deal' The NSW government's proposed natural resources package is a sweetheart deal between the government and large timber corporations which would privatise NSW forests without giving any real job security to
The Songs and Stories of Australia: Unity is Strength — The Larrikins sing the songs of the emerging trade union movement and workers in struggle. ABC FM Stereo, Fri Nov 6, 11.30 a.m. Mac Cocker's Vinyl Museum — Bring back memories of the
Opera on the edge Lacuna Performed by Chamber Made Opera Composed by David Chesworth Libretto and direction by Douglas Horton At the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until November 7 Reviewed by Lin Wolfe This is a difficult production to
Together or not at all The environmental crisis facing the Earth today is a direct result of the transnational capitalist economic system. This system of unplanned production solely for the sake of private profit does not provide for the actual


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