Mobilisation for social and economic justice By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The first stage of a grand plan to "start a new political movement that will seize the political agenda from the politicians and the media", initiated by Rainbow
Sources in Indonesia have told the human rights campaign Tapol that eight East Timorese eyewitnesses to the Santa Cruz massacre in November, who have been in hiding in Jakarta since late August, are being hunted down by Indonesian security forces.
Palestinians on hunger strike Palestinian prisoners from major Israeli detention facilities began an indefinite hunger strike on September 27 to protest against deteriorating conditions of detention. The strike was formally announced by
By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — Central Australian band Amunda launched Larrikin Records' release of their second album, Civilised World, at the Rose Shamrock and Thistle Hotel on September 30. Despite a slow start, foldback problems and some
Media award SYDNEY — An article published in Green Left Weekly has made journalist Deborah Singerman a finalist in the NSW Youth Advisory Council's first annual Youth Media Awards. The awards are designed to encourage reporting that
Blockade cost is $40 billion According to Radio Havana, a new study shows Cuba has lost nearly $40 billion since the United States imposed its economic blockade on the island 30 years ago. A report by the Central Planning Board, based on data
NSW anti-union attack stalls By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — The first attempt by the NSW government to charge trade union officials under its new anti-union laws has stalled. South Coast Labour Council secretary Paul Matters and Australian
Amnesty calls for inquiry into killing of Kurds Amnesty International has called for an immediate, independent and impartial inquiry into the events in Sirnak between August 18 and 21, when at least 15 civilians, including five children, were killed.
Church focus on choice The motions passed by a majority of the 700 delegates to its synod on September 27 make the NSW Uniting Church the first traditional church in Australia to support a woman's right to choose abortion. The motions
By Philippa Skinner SYDNEY — "Fuckin' dykes!" This outburst was the first in a string of verbal abuse and physical threats my companion and I experienced after we left the Bondi train station and were walking together through the adjacent
Democrat policy Peter Anderson's article "Democrats' policy: How much of an alternative?" (GLW #71) is a welcome addition to the debate on alternative politics in Australia. However, Anderson's criticisms are baseless. "Getting to Work" the
Labor punished Now that Victorian Labor's calamitous 10-year rein is over, what are the lessons that need to be drawn from the experience? A big proportion of Victorian voters justifiably chose to punish the Labor Party for the disastrous
By Moyra Ashford Reports of bodies floating in the white Nile, summary executions and widespread torture in the besieged southern Sudan city of Juba, have prompted the human rights organisation, Amnesty International, to launch an emergency
Suspense from Slovo The Betrayal By Gillian Slovo Virago. 313 pp. $12.95 Reviewed by Stephen Robson After reading Slovo's Ties of Blood last year it was with anticipation I pounced on her next novel. Like Ties of Blood, this is set in
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The swing against Labor in the October 3 Victorian election was a record 6%. At the close of counting on election night, Jeff Kennett's Liberal-National Coalition had won 61 out of the 92 seats in the Legislative
Sounds Interesting: Antarctica — Features the soundtrack of the film Antarctica, composed by Nigel Westlake and performed by more than 40 musicians. ABC FM Stereo, Thurs Oct 8, 10 p.m. Songs and Stories of Australia: Rhodda Roberts —


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