By Peter Anderson For those who may not fully have realised the import of Labor's record in government, or who still harbour illusions about its pretensions to progressive social reform, Paul Keating laid it all out quite clearly. This was
Nicaraguan hunger strikers win demands MANAGUA — Disabled ex-soldiers, widows and mothers of fallen combatants, and demobilised former soldiers have ended a hunger strike after the government agreed to increase their pensions. After nearly
ALBERT AGHAZARIAN, Palestinian director of public relations and professor of history at the Bir Zeit University in Jerusalem, attended a conference on Palestine in Geneva on August 28. There he spoke to Frank Noakes from Green Left Weekly.
At the annual conference of the British Greens, several prominent party activists walked out. Most of the press went with them. On the eve of the conference, well-known environmentalist Sarah Parkin publicly resigned her position as the party's
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — "Whether the Liberal or Labor party wins the October 3 state election, we can expect more attacks on public transport, health, education and workers' rights", Dave Holmes, Democratic Socialist candidate for
About 200 people gathered outside the NSW parliament on September 24 to protest against the privatisation of Port Macquarie hospital. Three bus loads, mainly pensioners, from Port Macquarie were joined by supporters from pensioner's groups in
'Strengthening' affirmative action The completion of a 12-month review of the Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women) Act 1986 was recently announced, complete with a barrage of media statements by the director of the
By Kevin Healy The federal minister for business finance, Ralph, came up with a scintillating piece of economic logic this week. You'll remember how the government made this brilliant deal a while ago when it got a windfall for the public purse
By Jose Gutierrez For the past three months the political situation in El Salvador has been focused on government's failure to comply with some points of the peace accords, and the consequent delay in their implementation by the Farabundo
Looking off the southern edge By David Buchanan Cast: John Moore, Douglas Walker, Wendy Strehlowe Dance: Anna Mercer and Michael Leslie Music: Gary Ridge, David Buchanan and Lois Olney Artrage Theatre Festival, October 3 to 24 Perth
By Susan Braun DORRIGO — Wild Cattle Creek State Forest on the Dorrigo Plateau in northern NSW is currently the centre of a major dispute between the Wild Cattle Creek Action Group and the Dorrigo Residents and Business Association. On
Brewery redevelopment stalled By Stephen Robson PERTH — The Legislative Council succeeded in delaying redevelopment work on the old Swan brewery on September 22 when it rejected an order that would have allowed the bypassing of planning
Fiji trade unions ban Emperor By Norm Dixon The confrontation between the Australian-owned Emperor Gold Mines Limited and Fiji continues to escalate. On September 17, the Fiji Trades Union Congress voted to ban all equipment and materials
By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — In Production, the first national gathering of Women in Film and Television, was held at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney on the weekend of September 26 and 27. Opening addresses to the
By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — The state elections on September 19 recorded a 2.7% swing away from the major parties. When counting was completed, 7% of votes were for alternative candidates. Of 89 seats in the state parliament 25 were contested
By Catherine Brown With almost one out of two voters rejecting the Maastricht Treaty, the "yes" vote in the September 20 French referendum poses more questions than answers for a future united Europe. When Denmark said "no" to the treaty on


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