The British Labour Party is looking for a new way of presenting itself to an electorate that has rejected it at the last four general elections. Major changes are needed if the party is to find success at the polls five years hence; the battle
Riff Raff Directed by Ken Loach Written by Bill Jesse Starring Robert Carlyle, Emer McCourt, Ricky Tomlinson At the Kino, Melbourne, from late September Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Ken Loach has been responsible for some widely acclaimed
By Peter Annear SYDNEY — Employment discrimination against the Catholic population of Northern Ireland will be the focus of an international campaign to boycott the National Australia Bank, launched here on August 24. Irish Civil rights
By Barry Healy Public Sector Union national secretary Peter Robson has failed to push through the ACTU/ALP agenda for enterprise bargaining in the Australian public service. An overwhelming vote by members on a wages log of claims, completed
Abortion debated in Wollongong By Leslie Warne WOLLONGONG — A debate on abortion was held at Wollongong University on August 20 as part of Blue Stocking Week. Jill Hickson from the Wollongong Abortion Rights Campaign and state
By James Prest Environmental activists aiming to "blow the lid on the pollution licensing system in New South Wales" have been permitted to begin a court action against the NSW Environment Protection Authority and pulp and paper manufacturer
By Clarence Lusane Demanding more trees, an end to welfare and teacher merit tests, one well-thought-out proposal to rebuild Los Angeles has been virtually ignored by the local and national media. The proposal emanates from the city's infamous
Greenhouse strategies in the north The Greenhouse Effect: Science and Policy in the Northern Territory By Ian Moffat North Australia Research Unit, 1992 95 pp. $15 pb Reviewed by Yvonne Sorensen According to Ian Moffat, the key aim of
Comment by Nick Fredman In the recent federal budget an Austudy loan scheme was introduced. Austudy was wiped out altogether for 38,000 students. The HECS tertiary tax was increased 3.6% (twice the level of inflation) and made even more
Women to wait longer for pensions By Frank Noakes LONDON — A committee set up by the government has recommended that women wait five years longer to receive their state pensions. The Social Security Advisory Committee proposes that the


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