Stuart Munckton Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez once again sent waves of shock through the US elite, and the corporate media, by using his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on September 20 not for diplomatic niceties but
Stuart Munckton In an exclusive interview with the September 10 Spanish-language daily Diario Panorama, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez spoke about the challenges facing the Bolivarian revolution — as the process of social
Only days after handing over his irrevocable resignation as hydrocarbons minister on September 15, Andres Soliz Rada, described by many as the strongman of left-wing President Evo Morales who pushed a hard line on the nationalisation of gas, lashed
Doug Lorimer "We need to change the way we run the oil sector in Iraq. We need to engage with the major oil companies who will bring in investment as well as technology", Barham Saleh, deputy PM in Washington's puppet Iraqi government, told
Sue Bolton There have been several industrial disputes since the Howard government's anti-union Work Choices amendments to the 1996 Workplace Relations Act came into effect on March 27 in which workers have defied the legislation and scored some
Duroyan Fertl The small oil-rich Andean country of Ecuador goes to the polls on October 15 to elect a new president. Normally, the US isn't too worried about who wins the presidential sash, as they usually end up dancing to Washington's tune. But
Vannessa Hearman, Melbourne A coalition of welfare and legal groups launched Operation Smart Justice on September 19. It aims to challenge "law and order populism" in the lead-up to Victoria's November 25 state election. Anthony Kelly from the
Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. To Global Warming or Anything ElseBy Helen CaldicottMelbourne University Press, 2006248 pages, $24.95 REVIEW BY TIM STEWART Helen Caldicott, veteran campaigner and ferocious critic of everything nuclear, has
Duncan Meerding, Hobart In a letter dated September 15 to the Wilderness Society (TWS), timber giant Gunns Ltd revealed that its original integrated impact statement (IIS) had underestimated, by a factor of 45, the dioxin emissions for its proposed
Pat Denny The Labour Party Pakistan has issued a financial appeal to help maintain the newspaper Mazdoor Jeddojuhd (Workers' Struggle), which is Pakistan's only weekly Urdu-language socialist paper. The campaign is running until October 31. In
Coral Wynter & Jim McIlroy, Caracas Comandante William Izarra was a key member of the revolutionary organisation that Hugo Chavez, now Venezuela's president, led inside the armed forces, the MBR-200 (Movement for a Bolivarian Republic-200). Later he
Chris Slee Since December 2005 there has been an escalating armed conflict between the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The Sri Lankan armed forces have carried out a series of brutal massacres of Tamils, such