Trish Corcoran, Sydney Barry Hemsworth, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) delegate at Botany Cranes, one of the largest mobile crane businesses in Sydney, was sacked on September 6 for "gross insubordination". Hemsworth
CARACAS — Around 500 people gathered in Plaza Venezuela and marched to the Llaguno Bridge on September 11, in solidarity with the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine and against 'imperialist terrorism'. The event was organised by the Forum for
The Wind That Shakes the BarleyWritten by Paul LavertyDirected by Ken LoachWith Cillian Murphy, Padraic Delaney, Liam Cunningham, Gerard Kearney and William RuaneIn selected cinemas now. Ken Loach's new film The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a
Alex Bainbridge, Sydney Fifty unionists protested outside the Korean embassy on September 12 in support of striking construction workers in Korea. The Korean workers are facing jail, injury and even death in pursuit of their demands for better
My Israel QuestionBy Antony LoewensteinMelbourne University Press, 2006340 pages, $32.95 REVIEW BY KIM BULLIMORE Australian Jewish writer and journalist Antony Loewenstein has set the cat among the pigeons with his first book, My Israel Question.
On September 10 the Workers Challenge Alliance (ABM) held a demonstration at the state palace in Jakarta, demanding that the government set a standard national wage. The action involved more than 100 people from several ABM-affiliated labour
Dick Nichols The experience of the last round of crises and near-misses (from Mexico's 1994 crash through to the 2001 meltdown of the US "new economy" bubble) have made the guardians of the world capitalist economy very wary about the speed with
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas Around 2000 Caracas tenants met in the Teresa Carreno complex on August 26 to demand the full implementation of the Law on Expropriations, which promises to convert a million renters into owners of their
Cameron Vincent On September 12, Mechanical Engineering Services Pty Ltd notified the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) that the company would be locking out 45 of its employees from its Yallourn premises for up to three months.
The September 9 Haaretz reported that during Israel's 34-day war against Lebanon, the Israel Defense Forces fired 1800 cluster bombs containing at least 1.2 million bomblets into Lebanese towns and villages. Haaretz reported that soldiers in IDF
MELBOURNE — On September 14, 200 people attended a forum at Melbourne University to hear Mamdouh Habib speak about his time in the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. The forum was organised by Students Against War and Racism. Habib condemned the
On September 13, the Australian Law Reform Commission released a report criticising the federal government's sedition laws. ALRC president Professor David Weisbrot said: "We found that there is a real problem in the current law's continued use of the
Stuart Munckton "Plagued by wars and the threat of new wars, the world we live in becomes more unjust and unequal with each day that passes" — this was the indictment of the current international order offered by Carlos Lage, vice-president of
Peter Boyle On September 7, the US Senate approved a US$453 billion military budget for 2007. It included another $50 billion for the Iraq war, on top of the $314 billion spent so far on the invasion and occupation. The vote was 98-0 in favour, with
On September 12, the Baloch Yekjehti Committee and Labour Party Pakistan held a joint rally in Karachi condemning the August 26 killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, a leader of the Baloch national liberation movement in Pakistan's south-western Balochistan
Marcus Greville, Melbourne "Not paying these workers is in fact theft", Electrical Trades Union (ETU) organiser Shaun Leane told Green Left Weekly. He was commenting on the refusal of electrical parts manufacturer Heinemann Electric to pay wages to


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