SYDNEY — Unknown activists put up cardboard cut-outs of soldiers around this city to commemorate September 11, 2001. More photos at <http://www.flickr.com/photos/checkpoint_911>.
On September 14, PM John Howard threatened to end Canberra's $85 million per year "aid" package to the Solomon Islands, upon which the Solomons' government is dependent to meet its budget. Howard's threat came shortly after Canberra imposed visa
Dale Mills, Sydney A NSW Ombudsman's report on the police use of sniffer dogs found that it is a waste of money that fails to catch serious drug dealers. The report said that 47% of people sniffed were under 26, and three-quarters of those who were
On September 6, thousands of residents from Orange Farm (a township south of Johannesburg) blockaded the Golden Highway, a major arterial road in Gauteng. The protesters demanded that Johannesburg's mayor address their lack of access to basic
Federico Fuentes Reporting in La Epoca, Daniela Otero wrote of the September 8 "pro-autonomy" strikes across Bolivia's four eastern departments (Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Pando): "The government and the leaderships of the civic committees with
Adam Maclean, Sydney At nationally coordinated meetings on September 14, Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) members at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation voted in favour of a campaign of
Dahr Jamail & Ali al Fadhily, Ramadi The US military has lost control over the volatile Anbar province, Iraqi police and residents say. The area to the west of Baghdad includes Fallujah, Ramadi and other towns that have seen the worst of the US
Doug Lorimer US President George Bush used the fifth anniversary of 9/11 to tell the US public that their safety from future terrorist attacks would be decided by the "outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad". "If we do not defeat these
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas National and state governments are attempting to tackle the threat posed to Venezuela by right-wing paramilitary groups that have infiltrated the regions of the country bordering Colombia, particularly the state
LAUNCESTON — On September 16, 8000 people participated in a march and rally opposing a pulp mill on Tasmania's Tamar River. The pulp mill has been proposed by logging giant Gunns. The rally was organised by the Wilderness Society and Tasmanians


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