Alex Miller On September 2, close to 400 members of the Scottish Socialist Party attended a Glasgow rally dedicated to "Unity, integrity and socialism". It took place in the wake of the announcement that two former SSP platforms, those controlled by
On September 7, Hector Navarro, the former Venezuelan minister for higher education, arrived in Australia as a presidential envoy for Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez. Navarro, who is visiting the Pacific region on behalf of Venezuela's
On August 31 Ghana's government banned an international conference for gay men and lesbians that was due to take place on September 4. Information minister Kwame Bartels said: "Unnatural carnal knowledge is illegal under our criminal code.
Eva Cheng Although Chen Shui-bian has won twice in Taiwan's three presidential elections by popular vote — ending the half-century, mainly military, rule of the Kuomintang (the KMT or Nationalist Party) — and his term isn't up until March 2008,
Rachel Evans Homosexuality is illegal in Lebanon, but queers are organising to eradicate this discrimination. Chadi Sankary, an Australian-Lebanese communications student, told Green Left Weekly that Helem, an organisation of Lebanese lesbians, gay
Ilan Pappe A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, September 2, another three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit Hanoun. This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will be massacred. An average
Leo Zeilig The July 30 elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo were the first national elections in the country for more than four decades. In the first round, the sitting president Joseph Kabila took a 45% share of the vote, while his nearest
SYDNEY — "The greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is US policy." That's how Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Syria's minister for expatriates, framed her lecture to 150 people at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus on September 7.
Roxana Fuentes, Sydney On September 6, the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LHMU) announced that the ISS office cleaning company had agreed to sign on to the principles of the union's Clean Start: Fair Deal for Cleaners campaign. "Today
MELBOURNE — Lionel Bopage, the former general secretary of Sri Lanka's People's Liberation Front (JVP) party, told a September 5 meeting hosted by Australia-Asia Worker Links that hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan workers had taken industrial
The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has launched the 4th National and International Week Against the Apartheid Wall, to be held November 9-16. Under the slogan "We shall stay!", Palestinian communities and their supporters will
Federico Fuentes A growing conspiracy to destabilise the government of Bolivia's first indigenous president, Evo Morales, appears to be reaching a climax. On September 1 right-wing opposition deputies withdrew from the country's constituent
Federico Fuentes A sea of red greeted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on September 1, as tens of thousands of his supporters — sporting the chosen colour of the Bolivarian revolution — mobilised in a demonstration of the force behind the
Plato's Republic: A BiographyBy Simon BlackburnAllen & Unwin, 2006181 pages, $22.95 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Has all European philosophy been nothing but a series of footnotes to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and his book, The Republic,
Troy McGuinness Earlier this year Australia Post, one of the largest employers in Australia, began cutting full-time jobs at its five country mail centres — Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Seymour and Morwell. This has resulted in a large proportion
Stuart Munckton On August 24, the Howard government announced that the military would be expanded by 2600 troops, at a cost of $10 billion. According to that day's Australian, the expansion will add two new battalions, bringing the total number to


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