On September 7, Hector Navarro, the former Venezuelan minister for higher education, arrived in Australia as a presidential envoy for Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez. Navarro, who is visiting the Pacific region on behalf of Venezuela's
Eva Cheng Although Chen Shui-bian has won twice in Taiwan's three presidential elections by popular vote — ending the half-century, mainly military, rule of the Kuomintang (the KMT or Nationalist Party) — and his term isn't up until March 2008,
The Non Aligned Movement — which draws together 115 Third World nations in opposition to domination by rich nations of the First World — will hold its 14th summit on September 14-15 in Havana. Cuba will assume for a second time the presidency of
Tim Doughney, Melbourne The ugly face of PM Howard's new Australia has been exposed by the actions of Melbourne electrical parts manufacturer Heinemann Electric. The company is refusing to pay its workers for five days that the workers have already
CANBERRA — A teachers' strike on September 6 closed all ACT schools for half a day as 2500 teachers rallied outside the ACT legislative assembly. The action was the latest in a six-month pay and staffing dispute (see accompanying article). Clive
Ilan Pappe A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, September 2, another three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit Hanoun. This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will be massacred. An average
SYDNEY — "The greatest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is US policy." That's how Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Syria's minister for expatriates, framed her lecture to 150 people at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus on September 7.
Indonesian non-government organisations say that the investigation into the assassination of Indonesia's foremost human rights defender Munir, who died on September 6, 2004, has reached a dead end. The NGOs, including the Commission for Missing
MELBOURNE — Around 150 people attended a party at Trades Hall bar on September 8 to celebrate Jack Thomas' release from Barwon prison. Organised by Civil Rights Defence, the event also raised funds to help the Thomas family pay legal fees
Message Stick: The Gathering — Indigenous magazine series presented from the perspective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. ABC, Friday September 15, 6pm. Shorts On Screen Going To The Dogs — Afghan hounds are welcome in Australia, but
Vannessa Hearman Major Alfredo Reinado and 56 other men escaped Dili's Becora Prison on August 30. On that day, a report by David O'Shea and John Martinkus on SBS's Dateline alleged links between President Xanana Gusmao and military defectors
The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has launched the 4th National and International Week Against the Apartheid Wall, to be held November 9-16. Under the slogan "We shall stay!", Palestinian communities and their supporters will