Stompen Ground '92 Stompen Ground '92, the Kimberley Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Festival, is being held in Broome over the September 5-6 weekend. More than 40 different acts will take part. Participating will be Australia's top Aboriginal
A fascinating account of an investigation into the lost marsupials of the Flinders Ranges appears in the July 1992 Habitat, the magazine of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Linguist Dorothy Turnbridge had been working with the
Blow against censorship in Ireland By Catherine Brown A landmark decision by the Irish High Court on July 31 ruled against some of the censorship practised by the state-owned radio and television station, Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE). RTE
By Zanny Begg SYDNEY — Ice-T and Public Enemy are both known for their uncompromising political stance and hard-hitting, angry lyrics. From that standpoint, the thousands of people who shelled out $40 for a ticket at the packed Hordern
Grim reaper LONDON — Lady Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister, is not noted for her compassion or humanity. During her repose at 10 Downing Street, nose tilted skyward, she chanted the refrain "a crime is a crime is a crime" as
The following is the text of Fidel Castro's speech on July 23 at the Ibero-American Summit in Madrid, which commemorated the 500th anniversary of the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. The translation is by Radio Havana. Your
Earlier this year, a sizeable portion of the US Communist Party broke from that organisation, charging that it was unwilling or unable to break with its Stalinist heritage. They regrouped in "Committees of Correspondence" to discuss among
By Allen Myers George Novack, well known as both a scholar and a defender of civil liberties, died in New York on July 30 at the age of 86. Novack became a Marxist in the early 1930s, joining the (Trotskyist) Communist League of America
Envy of the playground? "What happens to your five-year-old daughter who finds that the shares or debentures given to her as a present are suddenly made public?" — NSW National Party MP Duncan Gay, opposing a proposal that a register of
By Tracy Sorensen Nearly half of Australia's marsupials are in danger of extinction unless action is taken now. According to a new report released by the World Wide Fund for Nature, 27 species are endangered or vulnerable, with a further 33


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