Zane Alcorn, Newcastle Plenty of young workers don't know much about unions, and there's a trend among people my age — in their early 20s — to see unions as pretty pointless. As one friend of mine, who works part-time at K-mart said, "You pay
Peter Boyle Maria, a 2.6 kilogram baby from East Timor, is recovering in Sydney Children's Hospital from surgery to close a hole in her heart. She would have died if not for a burst of generous donations that allowed her to be treated in Australia.
SYDNEY — Promoting a petition to have the United Nations reword the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to substitute "all women and men" with "all people", Kate Walker, the transgender support worker with the Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre
KATOOMBA — Local resident Jess Martin speaks out against bulk cyanide being transported through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. The April 29 speak-out was organised by Friends of the Earth Blue Mountains and Cyanide Watch. More than
May Day this year was something special. In France, workers and students celebrated their tremendous victory against the French government's attempt to give employers the right to sack young workers at will. In the United States on May 1, more
Ben Courtice, Melbourne "Direct action gets workers' jobs back", announced the media release from community activist group Union Solidarity after the reinstatement of three workers who were sacked under the Howard government's Work Choices laws on
Eva Cheng Four days after King Gyanendra buckled under the pressure of mass protests and offered to reconvene the parliament that he forcibly suspended four years ago, Nepal's 205-seat parliament met on April 28. On April 30, it decided unanimously
Reuters reported that on May 1, up to 10,000 Iranian workers marched through the streets of Tehran to protest against the growing use by employers of short-term employment contracts. Short-term contracts, while better paid than regular staff
Joseph Mutti Pits the size of football fields filled with a choking sludge of oil and dead animals. Children suffering from leukaemia at four times the national average. Birth defects and miscarriages soaring. Drinking water polluted by carcinogens
Liam Mitchell, Sydney After weeks of pressure from rank-and-file unionists and left-wing unions, Unions NSW has decided to organise a rally in Sydney on June 28, the Australian Council of Trade Unions-called national day of action. However, to
ALP Kim Beazley's May 3 speech to the National Press Club confirms that Labor is just another conservative party. The address overwhelming focused on "middle Australians" who have "real and legitimate needs". Beazley specified that, by middle
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas More than a million workers from throughout Venezuela marched through city streets in Caracas on May 1. The theme of the May Day demonstration was "No to imperialism, no to corruption, no to bureaucracy; for
KATOOMBA — The Blue Mountains branch of the Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly held a May Day toast on May 1. Thirty people watched Actively Radical TV's newly released documentary about the campaign against the Work Choices laws, and were
On May 1, some 2000 workers took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate May Day under the theme "Workers against privatisation of water and hospitals". Representing factory workers, V. Nathan told the rally that while fuel prices had increased
Nick Everett, Canberra On May 2, 60 people attended an eyewitness report on Palestine co-sponsored by Green Left Weekly and Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine. The forum was addressed by James Crafti, a member of the socialist youth
A Commander of Bush's Empire "Captain John Peterson, chief of staff to the commander of the US Navy in the Middle East, received a CBE. His citation praises his role of leading British and American forces in 'the campaign to secure Iraqi oil


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