CANBERRA — On May 5, Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union members protested outside the swish Holy Grail restaurant. The restaurant's owner owes $10,000 in unpaid wages to Dario DeGuzman, a Filipino guestworker. "Community pressure is
Eyes of Fire: The Last Voyage of the Rainbow WarriorBy David RobieAsia Pacific Network, 2005180 pages, NZ$39.95 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Just before midnight on July 10, 1985, the Direction Generale de la Securitie Exterieure (DGSE) emerged
DARWIN — On May 6, Northern Territory Supreme Court judge Brian Martin told the Darwin Press Club that no civilised society should have allowed David Hicks to be detained at Guantanamo Bay for four years. "Whatever one might think about what

In an April 28-29 meeting in Havana, Cuban President Fidel Castro, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales signed the "Agreement for the Application of the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas [ALBA]

Amy McDonell, Canberra In an effort to counter ACT Labor Chief Minister Jon Stanhope's proposed Civil Unions Bill 2006, which would give legal recognition to same-sex partnerships, Liberal MPs introduced their own bill on May 3. It proposes setting
Max Lane Scores of activists and young writers, as well as family members, were at the Karet Bivak cemetery in central Jakarta on April 30. Many were crying, tearful. The loss was felt greatly, a burden. But they rallied their spirits to also sing
Ian Jamieson, Fremantle On May 1, 100 trade unionists attended the May Day toast hosted by the WA branch of the Maritime Union of Australia. The toast was addressed by Indigenous rights activist Jan Cowan, MUA assistant state secretary Ian Bray and
Federico Fuentes Declaring an end to the "looting of natural resources by the international petroleum companies", Bolivian President Evo Morales announced the nationalisation of the country's gas resources on May 1. "The day has come, the awaited
Carmen L¢pez & Viviana Ram¡rez, Melbourne Dr Robert Austin, course coordinator of Spanish and lecturer in the School of International and Community Studies at RMIT was unjustly sacked on April 24. Management's actions seem to be motivated by an
Dale Mills The national push for more police officers and powers has led to a public clash between Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Mick Keelty and ACT minister for police Simon Corbell. Keelty, a regular on TV concerning the "war on


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