Ben Courtice, Melbourne "Direct action gets workers' jobs back", announced the media release from community activist group Union Solidarity after the reinstatement of three workers who were sacked under the Howard government's Work Choices laws on
Reuters reported that on May 1, up to 10,000 Iranian workers marched through the streets of Tehran to protest against the growing use by employers of short-term employment contracts. Short-term contracts, while better paid than regular staff

In an April 28-29 meeting in Havana, Cuban President Fidel Castro, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales signed the "Agreement for the Application of the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas [ALBA]

Eyes of Fire: The Last Voyage of the Rainbow WarriorBy David RobieAsia Pacific Network, 2005180 pages, NZ$39.95 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Just before midnight on July 10, 1985, the Direction Generale de la Securitie Exterieure (DGSE) emerged
Barry Sheppard, San Francisco According to combined police estimates, 1.1 million immigrant workers and their supporters marched in more than 75 major cities across the US on May 1. Many more participated in smaller cities and towns. Even accepting
Marce Cameron "The world is rapidly being globalised; an unsustainable and intolerable world economic order is rapidly being established. Ideas are the raw material from which consciousness is forged; they are the raw material of ideology par
Liam Mitchell, Sydney After weeks of pressure from rank-and-file unionists and left-wing unions, Unions NSW has decided to organise a rally in Sydney on June 28, the Australian Council of Trade Unions-called national day of action. However, to
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas More than a million workers from throughout Venezuela marched through city streets in Caracas on May 1. The theme of the May Day demonstration was "No to imperialism, no to corruption, no to bureaucracy; for
Max Lane Scores of activists and young writers, as well as family members, were at the Karet Bivak cemetery in central Jakarta on April 30. Many were crying, tearful. The loss was felt greatly, a burden. But they rallied their spirits to also sing
Tony Dee, Melbourne Supporters of self-determination for West Papua held a spirited, early morning rally outside mining corporation Rio Tinto's AGM on May 4. The action drew attention to the human rights abuses and environmental disasters linked to
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On May 1, some 2000 workers took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate May Day under the theme "Workers against privatisation of water and hospitals". Representing factory workers, V. Nathan told the rally that while fuel prices had increased