Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas More than a million workers from throughout Venezuela marched through city streets in Caracas on May 1. The theme of the May Day demonstration was "No to imperialism, no to corruption, no to bureaucracy; for
Liam Mitchell, Sydney After weeks of pressure from rank-and-file unionists and left-wing unions, Unions NSW has decided to organise a rally in Sydney on June 28, the Australian Council of Trade Unions-called national day of action. However, to
Max Lane Scores of activists and young writers, as well as family members, were at the Karet Bivak cemetery in central Jakarta on April 30. Many were crying, tearful. The loss was felt greatly, a burden. But they rallied their spirits to also sing
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Tony Dee, Melbourne Supporters of self-determination for West Papua held a spirited, early morning rally outside mining corporation Rio Tinto's AGM on May 4. The action drew attention to the human rights abuses and environmental disasters linked to
A Commander of Bush's Empire "Captain John Peterson, chief of staff to the commander of the US Navy in the Middle East, received a CBE. His citation praises his role of leading British and American forces in 'the campaign to secure Iraqi oil
On May 1, some 2000 workers took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to celebrate May Day under the theme "Workers against privatisation of water and hospitals". Representing factory workers, V. Nathan told the rally that while fuel prices had increased
Carmen L¢pez & Viviana Ram¡rez, Melbourne Dr Robert Austin, course coordinator of Spanish and lecturer in the School of International and Community Studies at RMIT was unjustly sacked on April 24. Management's actions seem to be motivated by an
Jon Lamb Fearing renewed violence, tens of thousands of East Timorese have fled Dili to outlying villages and districts. The situation remains extremely tense in the capital following the police crackdown on an angry demonstration of former
Fred Fuentes Anna Elliston, a high-school activist from Hobart, believes that John Howard's IR laws should never have been allowed to pass. Given that they have, she reckons the politicians shouldn't underestimate students' and young workers'
Rachel Evans At its meeting on April 30, the ALP-led national executive of the National Union of Students (NUS) voted against organising a national day of protest in August against the Howard government's "voluntary student unionism" (VSU)
On May four, hundreds of members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) marched through central Bulawayo to government offices at Mhlanhlandlela, demanding that crippling school fee increases of up to 1000% be reversed. The marchers sang as they