Emma Clancy, Sydney Two 17-year-olds from Sutherland have been exploited by an unscrupulous boss in the building industry who owes them more than $10,000 each in unpaid wages, according to the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union's NSW
Kiraz Janicke, Sydney Federal Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop has introduced a private member's bill to make it an offence to destroy or damage the Australian flag. The bill imposes a six-month prison sentence or a fine of up to $11,000. Resistance
Sue Bolton, Melbourne At the 1800-strong Victorian union delegates' meeting on March 29, Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Greg Combet talked about what sort of industrial relations policy the trade union movement should ask the Labor
Graham Matthews, Sydney On March 23, Qantas closed its heavy maintenance facility at Mascot, making 480 workers redundant. While the company has promised that it will not outsource maintenance to China, the 140 extra jobs promised for Melbourne and
Sue Bull, Geelong At Geelong's Basell plant, in the Shell refinery complex, construction workers were forced off the job on March 28 by fears, which were later confirmed, of a legionella outbreak and chemical leaks. One worker went to the hospital,
Kim Walker Beaumont died at the age of 62 on March 22 after a long battle with cancer. Many readers of Green Left Weekly will have known Kim and his partner Leon Harrison. Kim and Leon lived in Western Australia for many years and more recently
Ian Jamieson, Fremantle Despite the spin from the Howard government about "choices" for workers and their unions under its new industrial relations laws, the big construction companies in Western Australia are gunning for the construction workers'
Art Resistance TV DVD Edition 11Email <artres@aussieisp.net.au>Single DVD $25 (includes postage and packing) BY NOREEN NAVIN The latest DVD featuring the work of Art Resistance Community TV has been released. The DVD includes M1: People
Peter Boyle Wasn't it nauseating watching Tony Blair and John Howard flattering each other in the Australian parliament last week? Two great fighters against tyranny, two stalwart defenders of democracy, the rule of law and justice ... blah, blah,
MELBOURNE — On March 28, 20 students disrupted military and ASIO recruiters at the Careers Expo at Melbourne University with eggs and paint bombs. Students made the point that the university should be a place to learn how to live, not how to kill.
A VPRC poll conducted on march 14-15 and published in Kathimerini on March 18 found that 94% of those surveyed believe the world is a more dangerous place as a result of the war on Iraq. Just 3% of Greeks believe the decision to invade Iraq was
SYDNEY — A former advisor to the Iraq police force working as part of the US and Australian occupation forces will be the next person in charge of supervising police responses to political protests in NSW. NSW police minister Carl Scully announced
Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter, Caracas On March 28, supporters of the head of Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE), Dr Jorge Rodriguez, who announced his resignation the day before, marched to the gates of the National Assembly. Rodriguez said
Sol Salbe Palestinians and their supporters were generally indifferent to the March 28 Israeli election. And for a good reason: they couldn't tell the difference between most of the parties. Few of the parties offered even the most minimal program
Dale Mills Both the Coalition and Labor parties plan to vote to extend emergency anti-terrorism laws for another 10 years, according to a March 29 AAP report. The laws, which came into force in mid-2003 as a temporary measure, are due to expire in
BUENOS AIRES — On March 24, more than 100,000 people gathered at the Plaza de Mayo, made famous by the mothers of the disappeared, who, along with unions, human rights organisations, students and people from all walks of life, demanded justice


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