Roberto Jorquera The election of the Socialist Party's Michelle Bachelet as president on January 11, with 3.6 million votes (53%), was greeted with street parties throughout Chile. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez immediately rang Bachelet and
Over the past year, the major US auto-makers have suffered an ongoing profit squeeze. In the first nine months of 2005, General Motors and Ford lost several billion US dollars. These losses, which reflect the increasing competitive pressure within
Cutting Edge: The Last Abortion Clinic — Looks at how increasing US state abortion regulations and the decline in abortion providers will affect the pro-choice movement's influence in this enduring debate. SBS, Tuesday, January 24, 8.30pm. The
John Tognolini, Sydney When 41-year-old scaffolder and father of three Paul Hughes fell eight stories to his death in Sydney's CBD on January 6, it put the spotlight not only on one of the building industry's most dangerous occupations but also
Sue Bull, Ballarat After the defeat by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) last year of two ballots for a non-union enterprise agreement at the University of Ballarat, management resorted to offering Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs)
Adam Baker, Brisbane Since their arrival here in 1987, Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter have become permanent fixtures in the local activist scene. There has been barely a left or progressive campaign in the last 18 years that has not benefited from
Dave Riley, Brisbane In May 2002, Premier Peter Beattie's Labor government capped an offer of $55.4 million to Aboriginal and Islander people whose wages and savings had been withheld by previous governments in Queensland. The offer of compensation
Will Williams Midway through 2005, Green Left Weekly faced a serious crisis, one that threatened the project financially. But in response to a $100,000 emergency crisis appeal, more than $117,000 was donated to GLW in a matter of weeks. More than
Over the last few weeks it has been confirmed by the government-initiated commission of inquiry that AWN Ltd, Australia's wheat export monopoly, paid $300 million in bribes to the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein between 1999 and 2003 to
Stuart Martin, Melbourne The workers at Colrain's Derrimut site who have been fighting the imposition of individual contracts (AWAs) won on December 19, despite the company's use of scabs, physical intimidation and the police to attempt to break
Last month, during a visit to Cuba by East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, Cuban President Fidel Castro announced that Cuba is prepared to send up to 300 doctors to East Timor, in addition to the 65 currently working there. This year, more
Dale Mills Protesters and Japanese whaling vessels clashed on January 15 when a grenade-tipped harpoon was fired near Greenpeace activists off Mawson Coast, part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. Japan insists on pursuing its policy of
Their names sink down in the nation's history.SIEV X. The strange name of a shameful story.353 children and adults gently sought out our compassion,We could hear them from behind the fencesWhile we saw their souls float away.They are asleep.
Doug Lorimer The final outcome of Iraq's December 15 parliamentary election was announced by the country's electoral commission on January 20. The United Iraqi Alliance, the coalition of Shiite religious parties that dominates the current
Stuart Munckton On January 12, as part of Venezuela's commitment to provide cheap heating fuel to the US poor, an agreement was signed with Maine state governor John Baldacci to provide heating oil at a 40% discount to low-income residents in
Michael Shaik The collapse of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has caused a storm of controversy around the world as opinion-makers on left and right have vied with one another to define his life, his career and his "legacy". On January 7, the


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