Academic, solidarity activist and Green Left Weekly contributor Max Lane and radical Indonesian publisher Joesoef Isak, who was imprisoned under the Suharto dictatorship, were featured in the September 20 Good Weekend. They have been friends for
James Vassilopoulos, Melbourne Sixty workers employed at Australian Envelopes in the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Notting Hill — all members of the printing division of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) — have been on
Paul Oboohov, Canberra The rank-and-file group Members First has announced it will contest the national governing council and agency-based section council positions of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) in elections due later this year.
Barking MadWritten and produced by Maree RobertsonMelbourne, October 11-13; Castlemaine, October 13; Hamilton, October 14; Camperdown, October 15Email <barkingmadproject@yahoo.com.au> or phone 0427 122 608 for more information. REVIEW BY
On September 28, 1864, the International Working Men's Association, better known as the First International, was founded at a meeting in St. Martin's Hall, London. One of the leaders of the International was Karl Marx, who drew up the General Rules
Silke Stockle, Freiburg& Norman Brewer, Bremen The results of the September 18 federal election in Germany have opened up heated talks over which parties will form a coalition government. Neither the centre-left government of Chancellor Gerhard
Zane Alcorn and Simon Butler, Newcastle Ask almost any resident here what they think about the rail line running along the harbour foreshore and prepare yourself for a lengthy, fervent conversation. Since the NSW Labor government first proposed the
GEELONG — Some 200 people attended a public meeting on September 20 to discuss the impact of PM John Howard's industrial relations laws. ACTU president Sharan Burrow explained the federal government's agenda and its likely effect on unions and
Dale Mills The leader of the Victorian Liberal opposition has proposed legislation that could land young people in prison for five years for the "crime" of hanging out at the local shopping mall. According to the September 20 Australian,
Jac Taylor, Melbourne On September 21, Dr Elspeth McInnes, convenor of the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children, criticised the Howard government's changes to its proposed "welfare-to-work" package as still failing for protect
Tim Gooden, Geelong Following the success of the ACTU's first propaganda battle for the hearts and minds of workers with TV ads and an education campaign explaining the injustice of the new workplace laws, the Howard government has hit back with
Hurricane Dubya "Congressional Republicans, backed by the White House, say they are using relief measures for the hurricane-ravaged Gulf coast to achieve a broad range of conservative economic and social policies, both in the storm zone and beyond
Bronwen Beechey, Auckland Provisional results from New Zealand's September 17 parliamentary election suggest that the Labour government of Prime Minister Helen Clark has narrowly won a third term in office. While the final result will not be known
Alison Dellit, Sydney "I responded to my experience at Pizza Hut by becoming more radical. But many workers don't, they simply give up", Andrea told me. A former union delegate at the chain restaurant/takeaway store, she had become enraged at the
Green Left Weekly's Lara Pullin, participant in the first Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Brigade, interviewed Nelson Davila, Venezuelan revolutionary and charge d'affaires at the Venezuelan embassy in Canberra. When we were in Venezuela, we heard a
Louay Alzaher& Doug Lorimer Tension ran high in southern Iraq on September 20 after British troops attacked the central police station in Basra, Iraq's second largest city, the previous day. The incident was sparked when British soldiers used


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