East Germans organise for justice By Catherine Brown MUNICH — "After the euphoria of the year 1990, many people in eastern Germany feel they are second-class citizens, marginalised politically, economically, socially and culturally",
By Scott MacWilliam PERTH — With a state election due by early next year, two prongs of the Lawrence Labor government's campaign strategy are becoming obvious. Both involve trying to recapture disillusioned constituencies. One constituency
By Sean Malloy CANBERRA — The July 22 youth jobs summit took a step forward the Keating government's plans to hide youth unemployment under compulsory "training" and starvation level wages. The gathering formalised proposals outlined in the
Solidarity with Cuba MEXICO CITY — Some 15,000 Mexican and other Latin American personalities have signed a letter of support for the Cuban Revolution which will be presented at the Madrid Ibero-American Summit. The document, which was
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Some of the strongest complaints about government and opposition plans to "train" young people for jobs that don't exist concern the exploitation this will make possible. In fact, there is already considerable
By Tracy Sorensen The Sydney Women's Abortion Action Campaign was formed in August 1972 at the height of the "second wave" of the women's liberation movement. A few months before, the anti-abortion laws in the criminal code had been liberalised
By Joe Vialls Despite strong protests from a multitude of countries including Egypt and Syria, the Bush administration is still considering further "military" action against Iraq. The last US excursion up the Persian Gulf resulted in the
Action updates ADELAIDE — The Young Christian Workers organised a protest outside McDonald's on July 18 against the company's support for the Liberals' proposed youth wage of $3 an hour. The demonstrators pointed out that Labor and ACTU
On the box By Dave Riley The TV cooking program has known many a fashionable feast. The early fascination for dinner parties soon gave way to quick meals and the exotics, and thereafter to the National Heart Foundation. The newest trend
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Plans by the Victorian government to introduce mandatory reporting of physical and sexual abuse of children have met with strong opposition from sections of the welfare sector while being welcomed by others.


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