BRISBANE — Around 150 people attended the first Brisbane Latin America film festival at the Activist Centre in Fortitude Valley on July 7-9.
A fundraiser for Green Left Weekly, the new Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, and Australian

September 11: The Intelligence Failures — Claims to provide irrefutable proof that the German and US secret services could have prevented the 9/11 terror attacks. SBS, Friday, July 22, 2pm.
Message Stick: The Long Grasses — About the Indigenous

"The Australian government has taken full advantage of East Timor's fragile financial position and gotten away with an act of thievery that would not have been tolerated by any Western country", businessperson Ian Melrose said on July 14.

BRISBANE — A group of residents at Esk in the Brisbane valley, 80 km west of the city, are fighting to prevent the establishment of large-scale poultry farms in the area. Several farms are already operational, having been approved by local

Castro: 'Never before has inequality been so great'
On June 15-16, heads of government and foreign ministers from the Group of 77 (G77) member-countries and China met in Doha, Qatar, for the Second South Summit. The G77, the largest coalition of

An Iraqi humanitarian organisation has calculated that 128,000 Iraqis have been killed since the US-led invasion began in March 2003, United Press International reported on July 12. Dr Hatim al Alwani, chairperson of the Baghdad-based Iraqiyun, said

On July 14, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez revealed the results of a new survey, in which 47.9% of people polled favoured a socialist government; 25.7% supported capitalism and 24.6% did not answer. The poll was conducted between May 26 and June 9

Defender of the poor
"Equalisation of incomes can be very unjust." — Peter Saunders, director of social policy research at the Sydney-based Centre for Independent Studies, Prime Menzies John Howard's favourite think-tank, quoted in July 9

Reihana Mohideen, Manila
Around 65,000 people filled the streets of the business district in Makati on July 13, demanding that Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) step down. The protesters also rejected her constitutional successor,

One of the federal Coalition government's proposed industrial relations changes will allow bosses to force workers onto individual contracts that cut pay and reduce conditions to just five minimum standards.
Workers who refuse to sign individual


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