CANBERRA — Unions ACT is planning an 8-10am protest on August 9, on the front lawns of Parliament House. The gathering, on the day of the first sitting of the new Senate, will protest the federal Coalition government's proposed anti-worker

Tom Crumpacker, Miami
The administration led by US President George Bush has done an excellent job of confusing the public about its plans regarding Luis Posada Carriles, the former CIA operative who blew up a civilian Cubana airliner in 1976,

Venezuela's National Union of Workers (UNT) is a relatively new union federation, formed just over two years ago to replace the CTV, the old corrupt and right-wing union federation. Inspired by the pro-poor policies of the government of President

On July 12, police brutally attacked and opened fire on a peaceful protest at the Frontier Hospital in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. The 700-strong protest, organised by the Treatment Action Campaign, was demanding anti-retroviral treatment for people

Stuart Munckton
A Venezuelan court ruled on July 7 that four leaders of the opposition to the left-wing government of Hugo Chavez will stand trial over charges of "conspiring against the republican form of the nation".
The four are leaders of the

Pip Hinman, Sydney
In the wake of the London bombings and the decision by Australia to send more troops to Afghanistan, a snap protest on July 15 called by Sydney's Stop the War Coalition drew some 60 people, who gathered to listen to community

Sit Down and SingRoy Bailey with Martin Simpson & John KirkpatrickFuse Records, 2005Available from <http://www.roybailey.net>
Roy Bailey is based in Sheffield, England, and is described by veteran British

DARWIN — There has been widespread opposition to federal science minister Brendan Nelson's July 15 announcement of plans for a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory.
The plans involve storing nuclear waste from Sydney's Lucas Heights

They consider themselves the leaders of the civilised world and they claimed they were going to make poverty history. But first they sat down to a feast with the Queen (who lives on $67.1 million a year of welfare) at the Gleneagles luxury resort,

Coca-Cola is establishing operations in the Tirunelveli district and intends to draw 9000 litres of water per day from the Tamirabarani river, which is the main water source for Tirunelveli, Kovilpatti and Sattur. In addition to massive water


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