Afghan asylum seekers Today, July 11, nine Afghan asylum seekers held on Nauru were threatened with forced deportation unless they go home "voluntarily". They have until 5pm to sign. A "deadline", they think. One detainee writes: "No-one would sign
The Profits of Extermination: How US Corporate Power is Destroying ColombiaBy Francisco Ramierez CuellarIntroduction and translation by Aviva ChomskyCommon Courage Press141 pages, $20Order via <info@commoncouragepress.com> REVIEW BY BARRY
Compass: The Artist, the QC and the RefugeeProduced by Marcus GillezeauScreening on ABC, Sunday, July 24, 10.05pm The Artist, the QC and the Refugee tells the story of an apparently conservative QC, Julian Burnside, and artist Kate Durham, who
Doug Lorimer On July 13, Prime Minister John Howard announced that the federal Coalition government had decided to send Australian troops back to Afghanistan to help prop up the regime of US puppet President Hamid Karzai, in the face of a
Jim McIlroy, Brisbane At dawn on July 12, 130 police officers invaded the site of Camp Platypus on the banks of the Obi Obi Creek, in the small Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Maleny, to evict 60 protesters who had occupied the area of a
As the government and business lobby for an increased US military presence on Guam, indigenous Chamorro activists have escalated their anti-bases campaign, condemning the government's lack of consultation with the people. "It's a shameful act on the
Sue Bolton When Prime Minister John Howard returned early from holidays on July 7 to combat public opposition to his government's proposed anti-worker/anti-union laws, he repeatedly refused to guarantee that no worker would be worse off under the
Doug Lorimer While the ALP has endorsed the federal Coalition government's decision, announced on July 13, to send Australian combat troops back to Afghanistan to join the US-NATO occupation, the Greens and the Socialist Alliance oppose the move.
One-liners — the modern proverbs — can tell you a lot about a society. For example, the put-down, "If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?" is comprehensible only in a society where it's assumed that the chief function of intelligence is to help
BRISBANE — Around 150 people attended the first Brisbane Latin America film festival at the Activist Centre in Fortitude Valley on July 7-9. A fundraiser for Green Left Weekly, the new Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, and Australian


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