Fascism and Football — Mussolini, Hitler and Franco all understood the massive propaganda potential of football. SBS, Saturday, July 9, 9.30pm.
Message Stick: NAIDOC Week Special — Inside the lives of Indigenous Australians, presented from

Bernie Stephens, Harare
The slogan "Go back to the rural areas where you come from" sums up President Robert Mugabe and his government's hatred for the workers and urban poor in Zimbabwe. The government boasts that Operation Murambatsvina ("Drive

Susan Price & Jim McIlroy
A Sydney coalition of union activists, combining the Defend Workers Rights and Unions Coalition and the newly-formed Union Activists Network, distributed thousands of leaflets at meetings across NSW on July 1, calling on

July 6
1971: Demonstrators disrupt a Springbok rugby match in Australia with smoke bombs.
July 9
1999: Police storm a Tehran University hostel in Iran, sparking days of student protests.
July 10
1917: Emma Goldman is jailed for two years

On June 20, the body of Andres Arroyo Segura was found close to the site of the Baba Dam project. Segura had recently received death threats because he headed the bi-province committee of farmers' organisations opposing the dam. Before his overthrow

Sarah Stephen
Between June 22 and June 26, Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers, acting on warrants issued by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), raided 10 homes in Sydney and Melbourne, allegedly to disrupt the activities

SYDNEY — A new analysis by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) of the impact of the federal government's changes to welfare, announced in the May budget, reveals that many people who find part-time work or undertake study after July

Pip Hinman
According to Marcus Clayton, an industrial lawyer and labour activist, the government's new workplace relations bills are designed to "provide the legal framework for bosses to slash wages and conditions, smash collective organisation,

Norm Dixon
The mass media hype about "a new deal between rich and poor", in response to the powerful Group of Eight industrialised countries' plan to cancel multilateral debts owed by 18 mainly African countries, has led many people to believe that

Susan Price, Sydney
Billed as Australia's biggest meeting of workers, the July 1 Unions NSW Sky Channel-linked protest meetings against PM John Howard's attacks on unions and workers — held simultaneously at 219 venues across NSW — outstripped


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