A motion put to the annual shareholders meeting of Caterpillar industries to "re-evaluate selling bulldozers to the Israeli army" was defeated, garnering 3% of the vote (representing US$600 million share holdings), on April 13. Caterpillar bulldozers
Ian Jamieson& Nikki Ulasowski, Perth A Unions WA executive meeting on April 12 decided to call a cross-union delegates' meeting — likely to be held in May — to form a campaign committee against the federal Coalition government's planned
Sarah Stephen The callous mistreatment of the children of asylum seekers and immigrants without valid visas by the immigration department (DIMIA) is something not widely known. Yet in early March it became part of wider public discussion after
At last at the Pearly Gates John Howard stood,St Peter with steely eyes looked at him good.He said, you've a bloody cheek comin' up here,With your fibs and no sorries and your campaigns of fear. Your "kids overboard" made us all feel quite
Roberto Jorquera, an activist from the Venezuelan Solidarity Network in Australia, is in Caracas to help prepare for the solidarity brigade the network is organising from July 25-August 15, and to report on the unfolding revolution there. Regular
Kathy Newnam, Darwin The fight to expose the truth about the death in custody of Douglas Scott reached the NT Supreme Court on April 11 in a compensation case. Douglas' widow Letty and son Nathan brought the case against three NT prison officers,
Duroyan Fertl On April 13, thousands of Ecuadorians protesting in the capital Quito were violently attacked by riot police with tear gas. The protesters, led by unionists and students, blocked roads with burning tyres and shut down the centre of
On April 12, Dr Klaus Stohr, the head of the Geneva-based World Health Organisation's global pandemic program, told reporters that Canadian authorities had discovered on March 25 that between 4700 and 5700 laboratories in 18 countries had been sent
Vannessa Hearman, Melbourne The Timor Sea Justice Campaign is set to broadcast its next series of television advertisements to coincide with Anzac Day on April 25. The group has chosen this time to focus on Australian soldiers and their
Sarah Stephen At its height between 1999 and 2001, the immigration detention business was very lucrative, with up to 3000 asylum seekers imprisoned at one time. But the current operator, Global Solutions Ltd (GSL), is facing lean times. Since
Industrial relations After nine years of the Coalition government, we know that reform for them means more benefits for big business attained by additional hardship for working people, pensioners and all those on small incomes. This is an
"Post-feminism" is the phrase du jour among mainstream political pundits, often accompanied by derogatory comments toward anyone who continues to complain that women lack equality. US society has entered a "post-feminist" phase, a level playing
Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Forest campaigners have won important, albeit partial, victories in the Weld Valley and at South Sister. These wins are significant given the disappointment following the re-election in October of the pro-logging Howard
Close all US bases!' Norm Dixon "We have got to demand that all foreign troops leave Iraq certainly, but let's also demand that the troops come back from the US bases around the world, not just the war zones. We need to mobilise against the
CANBERRA — During a government-hosted visit by a South African trade union and government delegation on April 12, six of the delegation members, including Gavin Moultrie, president of the Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of South
On April 8, the American Civil Liberties Union commenced legal action against a Missouri public high school that disciplined a student for wearing t-shirts with gay-friendly messages. Fifteen-year-old LaStaysha Myers was twice sent home for wearing


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