On April 10, 200 people, many from the Labour Party Pakistan, gathered at a few hours notice to discuss a campaign to support the family of Yasmeen Kanwal, who was murdered on April 4. The meeting followed a protest on April 7 in the centre of
Venezuelan solidarity in the US Activists in the United States organised a series of events to broaden the understanding of what is happening in Venezuela, during the week of April 11-17. Documentaries on the Bolivarian revolution and the coup were
Alex Bainbridge, Hobart Forest campaigners have won important, albeit partial, victories in the Weld Valley and at South Sister. These wins are significant given the disappointment following the re-election in October of the pro-logging Howard
Industrial relations After nine years of the Coalition government, we know that reform for them means more benefits for big business attained by additional hardship for working people, pensioners and all those on small incomes. This is an
Pip Hinman, Sydney Nearly 100 people attended a local peace group meeting at the Marrickville Town Hall on April 11 to hear Stephen Hopper, Andrew Wilkie and Sam Iskander talk about the Iraq war and what could be done to stop it. Hopper, Mamdouh
BRISBANE — On April 9-10, the University of Queensland hosted a conference to commemorate the 100the anniversary of women's suffrage in Queensland, achieved on January 25, 1905. The conference — attended by 40 women and men — was organised by
BRISBANE — On April 9, 40 people attended a showing of the anti-war film In the Year of the Pig at the Activist Centre to commemorate the 30th anniversary this month of the victory of the Vietnamese people against the US invaders and their puppet
MELBOURNE — On April 13, the La Trobe University Student Representative Council (SRC) held a Student General Meeting (SGM) to discuss and pass motions against the implementation of "voluntary student unionism" (VSU) legislation. The SGM was
Max Lane, Sydney Indonesian left-wing publisher Joesoef Isak attended the Third Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference (APISC) in Sydney over the Easter weekend. In addition to speaking at a workshop on "Marxism in Indonesia after 1965"
CANBERRA — During a government-hosted visit by a South African trade union and government delegation on April 12, six of the delegation members, including Gavin Moultrie, president of the Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of South
Nick Everett, Canberra On April 4, the secretary of the federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) secretary, Dr Peter Boxall, announced that all future appointments to the department would be subject to the successful
On April 7, US President George Bush announced that he was nominating Zalmay Khalilzad to replace John Negroponte as the US ambassador to Iraq. Who is Zalmay Khalilzad? An Afghan-American, Khalilzad began working in the US State Department during