March 9 1945: US firebombing of Tokyo kills 100,000 people. March 10 1982: The Builders Labourers Federation bans work on five police stations after police attack picket lines. March 11 2001: Zapatistas march on Mexico City. March 12
James Balowski, Jakarta Swimming against a tide of opposition, on March 1 the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced that it will raise fuel prices by an average of 29%. Fuel subsidy cuts have been mooted since the Yudhoyono
HOBART — The Friends of the Gunns 20 have launched an official website at <http://www.gunns20.org>. According to the home page, the website provides "information on one of the biggest lawsuits ever launched in Australia by a rich
On March 1, South African police opened fire on a group of unarmed striking road freight workers in Johannesburg. The workers were toyi-toying on the pavement, a block from a mass rally of the strikers, who are demanding a 9% wage increase, when a
REVIEW BY RACHEL EVANS Bob Brown: Gentle RevolutionaryBy James Norman Allen & Unwin, 2004232 pages, $29.95 I grew up with parents who loved bicycles, bush walked madly and stuck "No dams" stickers everywhere. This book made me realise where they
Kathy Newnam, Darwin The One Mile Dam community, an Aboriginal camp just outside Darwin's CBD, is still waiting for answers about government plans for the future of the special purpose lease on which the camp resides. In recent months, rumours
Eva Cheng On February 14, while 574 miners were working 242 metres underground at the Sunjiawan coal mine in China's Liaoning province, a blast occurred, killing at least 213 of the miners. This was the deadliest mine accident in China since 1949.
Amnesty International has just published a disturbing report on the plight of women in Iraq. The report reveals how sanctions, war and occupation have wiped out years of advances made by Iraqi women. Two years of war and occupation have driven women
On February 4, 2000, agricultural labourers in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu turned what had been planned as a rally into a militant, hours-long blockade. The state assembly had shut down aid relief in the area 40 days after the Boxing Day
SYDNEY — Activists in the Sydney anti-war movement received good news over the past week when the University of NSW branch of the National Tertiary Education Union and the NTEU NSW division both passed motions of support for the March 20
Louise Moran, Canberra On March 2, rows of Israeli flags lined Commonwealth Avenue to signify the Australian government's welcoming of Israeli President Moshe Katsav. But outside the Israeli embassy, 70 protesters gathered to express their outrage
A Zogby survey released on February 25 has found that, a month after his inauguration, US President George Bush does not have majority support for his policies. According to the poll, 53% disagree with Bush's "overall policy", and 43% support it. The
On February 5, the English Socialist Alliance was wound up as a national organisation at a conference called for that purpose. The alliance, which drew to its banner all the main English far-left organisations, had been a viable left unity project
Ian Jamieson, Fremantle After four weeks on strike, 430 workers involved in the expansion of the BHP-owned Worsley Alumina plant near Bunbury in south-west Western Australia appear close to victory in a dispute in which individual strikers were
Nicole Hilder, Melbourne A popular 15-year-old year student at Thornbury Darebin Secondary College, Nak Assavatheptavee, was forcibly deported by immigration officials to Thailand on February 25. Assavatheptavee has lived in Australia for the
On March 1, Uruguay formally resumed diplomatic relations with Cuba, which had been broken in 2002 by right-wing president Jorge Batlle. Cuban foreign minister Felipe Perez Roque, in Uruguay for the inauguration of new President Tabare Vasquez,


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