SYDNEY — On November 23, Zanny Begg was stopped by police while installing a work, Checkpoint, for the Blacktown Art Gallery's "Out of Gallery" project. Begg explained that she was "creating 10 'checkpoints' for 'weapons of mass distraction' in
Message Stick: Child Artists of Carrolup — Indigenous children discover and excel at art at the Carrolup School of Western Australia in 1945. ABC, Friday, December 3, 6pm. Family Story: Wyrria, Small Boy — Explores the daily realities of a
Real GoneTom WaitsAnti-records$29.95 RRP REVIEW BY STUART MUNCKTON "Writing songs about the war is like throwing peanuts at a gorilla", Tom Waits told the Los Angeles Times in August. "But then I think, look how important soul music was during
UNITED STATES: Costa Ricans sue chemical companies Thousands of Costa Rican banana farmers have launched a lawsuit against Shell Chemical Co, Dow Chemical, Dole Food Company, Chiquita Brands International and Fresh Del Monte Produce. The farmers
NT police photo of Douglas Scott (#19) shows an injury that could not have been inflicted by the soft sheet during hanging as depicted in other police photos. The existence of the injury was not reported and is still denied by Dr Kevin Lee. From
BRITAIN: Students strike against racism On November 25, the day after racist chanting marred an England-Spain soccer international, French teacher Sebastian Gnahore somewhat apprehensively went to work at his school in Leicester. Gnahore had
Despite the US Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that it is a violation of a woman's constitutional right to privacy for any US public authority to ban abortion, the US government bans the performance of abortions at all US military medical
The Korean Federation of Trade Unions pulled off a one-day strike on November 26, in protest at a new bill that will attack the rights of temporary workers. The federation estimated that 600,000 workers participated in the strikem, which closed
Stuart Munckton On November 18, two bombs ripped through a car in Caracas, killing 38-year-old state prosecutor Danilo Anderson. Anderson was leading the campaign to bring to justice those responsible for the April 2002 military coup that briefly
Sarah Stephen In June 2002, the Australian immigration department claimed to have proof that Afghan refugee Ali Bakhtiyari was actually a plumber from Pakistan called Ashgar Ali. In December 2002, Ali's temporary visa was cancelled and he was
Stuart Munckton In April 2002, shortly after the military coup that temporarily overthrew Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, author William Blum asked on the counterpunch website: "How do we know that the [Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)] was
Kim Bullimore, West Bank According to the US-Israeli script, the death of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat on November 11 was suppose to spark a violent power struggle within the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and in its leading
Chris Latham The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's sixth annual Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report, which was made public on November 15, claims that the cost reduction gains made by the stevedore bosses as a result of the 1998
Doug Lorimer A week after US Marine General John Sattler, commander of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, claimed on November 18 that the battle for Fallujah was over, US troops were still engaged in intense battles with Iraqi resistance fighters
Pip Hinman, Sydney The Leichhardt Town Hall was filling up fast on November 22 when federal Labor leader Mark Latham arrived. Five minutes later people were still pouring in, curious about Labor's plans for the next three years. Latham's
Selena Black, Sydney The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union said on November 22 that a 9% decline in James Hardie profits showed that the community boycott campaign against the company is having an impact. According to CFMEU NSW


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