The following statement issued by the Socialist Alliance argues that the Coalition government's anti-union agenda can be defeated. With control of both houses of parliament, the Coalition has made it clear that it wants to push through another
For the second time in a fortnight, the Miami Dade police have admitted that a stun-gun had been used against a child. In the first incident, on October 20, a six-year-old boy holding a shard of glass was stunned with a Taser. Then, on November 10,
Green Left Weekly's James Caulfield and Kerryn Williams spoke to some of those present at the November 16 convergence on parliament about why they joined the protest. Lesley Bond was representing the Taree Residents For Refugees, established less
John Percy, Sydney Fairfield City Council has been put on the spot by the right-wing Vietnamese Community of Australia, which is organising a flag-raising ceremony for the flag of the defunct South Vietnamese regime in Cabra-Vale Park on November
Jenny Long, Sydney Preliminary results for the 2004 election for the seven-member executive and 45-member central council of the NSW Public Service Association (PSA) indicate that no single faction will dominate these bodies and that the left-wing
Sue Bolton In a letter to all national and state union secretaries and trades and labour council secretaries on November 3, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary Doug Cameron stated that he "has been approached by a number of
Former intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie contested PM John Howard's Sydney seat of Bennelong in the October 9 federal election and gained one of the largest swings toward the Greens in the country. Auburn Greens councillor Malikeh Michaels spoke to
Australian IdolChannel 10Just finished BY DAVE RILEY With a net annual profit of $76.93 million to crow about, Network Ten's hold on the youth market demographic is sure to continue — at least until it's milked what it can from the recently
Tamara Pearson, Sydney From the way the mainstream media has been quoting politicians and religious leaders, including federal health minister Tony Abbott, Governor-General Micheal Jeffery and Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart on abortion lately, you
Tony Iltis A mass round-up of thousands of young Eritrean men for evading military service, and reports that at least 20 of those detained were massacred after a disturbance in the Adi Abeito prison in Asmara, are the latest indication of serious
The bosses and the Reserve Bank are nervously looking over their shoulder. With relatively low levels of unemployment, a skills shortage, rocketing profits and massively increasing salaries for company executives, can the combined forces of PM John
John Pilger Mainstream media speak as if Fallujah were populated only by foreign "insurgents". In fact, women and children are being slaughtered in our name. Edward S Herman's landmark essay, "The Banality of Evil", has never seemed more
In response to the Coalition government's parliamentary secretary for health Christopher Pyne's call for terminations of pregnancies over 21 weeks to be banned, and severely limited for pregnancies over 12 weeks, the Socialist Alliance has repeated
Kim Bullimore, West Bank International Solidarity Movement activist Hannah James was singled out and arrested by the Israeli secret police, the General Security Services (GSS) as she took part in a peaceful demonstration against the expansion of
Gilberto Soto, a Salvadoran-born US resident and organiser for the US-based International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) was assassinated on November 5, outside his mother's home in Usulutan, El Salvador. After shooting him at close range, two men
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