Gary Meyerhoff When PM John Howard promised a $30 million trial of retractable syringes in November 2001, the harm reduction sector saw it as another attack on the human rights of people who use illicit drugs. Three years later, the trial has
REVIEW BY FEDERICO FUENTES Cold War: Warnings for a Unipolar World Interview with Fidel CastroPublished by Ocean Press in association with the Office of Publications, Cuban Council of State, 200376 pages, $13.00Order through Ocean Press at
YandyWritten by Jolly ReadDirected by Rachael MazaOctober 9-22, Octagon Theatre, University of Western AustraliaPresented by Black Swan Theatre CompanyTickets available through BOCS (08) 9484 1133. REVIEW BY FEDERICO FUENTES Yandy is the story of
Sue Bolton Delegations of Eritrean community members from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane gathered in Canberra on October 1 to protest over the plight of Eritrean refugees in Libya, Malta and Europe who face being deported back to Eritrea. After
There was a lot more to polling day on October 9 than what the federal election result reflected. From home-made anti-Howard paraphernalia, to visits by Iraqi delegations, to heated and colourful political debates, the activity at polling booths
Floods and mudslides killed more than 1000 people in one weekend in north and north-west Haiti as Tropical Storm Jeanne brushed by the nation on September 18-19. Tens of thousands are left homeless and destitute, their shops, livestock and crops
To: The Hon Rob Hulls MLA, Attorney General of Victoria; The Hon Steve Bracks MLA, Premier of Victoria. We, the undersigned, support Craig Johnston's immediate release from jail for the following reasons: 1. Craig Johnston is the only person
Look into my eyesAnd tell me what you see.You don't see a damn thing,Because you can't possibly relate to me. Blinded by our differencesMy life makes no sense to you.I'm the persecuted Palestinian.You're the Red, White and Blue. Each day you wake
As the 1 million-strong March for Women's Lives came to a close in April, a young woman who'd travelled from Vermont to Washington, DC, said to me, "So now what do we do?" It's the key question. How we answer that question — especially in this
Yolngu Boy — A drama about the coming-of-age of three Aboriginal boys in Arnhem Land. SBS, Sunday, October 17, 8.30pm. Israel's Secret Weapon — The story of Israel's wall of silence over the imprisonment of nuclear bomb whistleblower Mordechai
BY SARAH STEPHEN Twinfish is a dynamic indie band from the south coast of NSW. Guitarist/songwriter Marco Verdugo and singer/songwriter Tracy Verdugo form the core of the band. With Nick Guggisberg on drums, the band delivers powerful and emotive
Ruth Ratcliffe "The High Court of Australia's decision to keep refugee children imprisoned in detention centres makes it crystal clear that injustice has become law in this country", Lisa Macdonald from the Socialist Alliance said on October 6.
Nukes Paul Barnsley (Write on, GLW #601) has missed the point entirely. Whether or not Iran's decision to develop a nuclear power industry — given the insoluble problems of radioactive waste disposal — is a good idea, is a matter for Iranians
Norm Dixon Sudan's Islamist military government has agreed to the deployment of an extra 3500 African Union (AU) troops in the devastated Darfur region, in the country's west. According to UN officials, the expanded force will not have peacekeeping
Saranel Benjamin, Durban Rachel (Ray) Alexander died at her Cape Town home on September 12. She had lived a long life of 90 years and during this time she painted the South African political landscape with courage, fierce determination and
Ernest Tate, interviewed Peter Camejo for Relay magazine. Tate has known Camejo since the late 1950s, when Peter was a leader of the Young Socialists Alliance and a leader of the American Socialist Workers' Party. In the 1960s, Peter gained national


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