By Adriaan Anarco-Troika DARWIN — The chief political reporter for the Murdoch-owned Northern TerritoryNews, Frank Alcorta, is being criticised for accepting a $20,000 commission from the CLP government to write a book. The "coffee table" book is

By Angela Matheson Photo by David Brazil SYDNEY — The Rainbow Warrior concluded its month-long tour of Australia with a week's visit at Darling Harbour, where more than 3000 people were shown over the ship by Greenpeace members. The Warrior

Duck rescuers out in big numbers By Mark Berriman Animal rights and environmental groups launched some of the largest operations yet to retrieve dead and injured waterfowl as the 1991 duck season opened on March 16. In NSW about 200 rescuers

By Norm Dixon As industrialised countries adopt stricter, more costly regulations on disposal of toxic wastes, a whole industry of shadowy operators has developed to promote dumping wastes in the Third World. Late last year, a California-based

By Peter Annear PRAGUE — News of mass sackings next month at the Krosno Glass works, one of Poland's first five companies privatised at the end of last year, is an indication that the rapid advance towards privatisation in Eastern European will

... and ain't i a woman?: Still the same formula There's nothing like being away for a year to make you see familiar things with fresh eyes. After a year in Eastern Europe, where advertising is only now being retrieved and dusted off after

Since 1986, about 1 million civilians have fled their homes to escape the fighting in the Philippines. The plight of this destitute, homeless tribe — "internal refugees" — is still not fully recognised by the Aquino government. DAVID ROBIE

A seminar by Academics for Justice held at the University of NSW last month took a close look at the Hilton Hotel bombing of Tim Anderson and concluded that justice had not been done. TONI PAYNE reports. The guilty verdict against Tim Anderson is

Editorial: Caught in the act In the last week, people all around the world watched a home video of US police mercilessly beating and kicking a black man. The cops had stopped him for speeding, then, thinking they were unobserved, had passed

Manufacturing for war has always been a lucrative business. During the Vietnam War, many consumer-oriented companies turned towards military production because it offered a much higher profit rate. While it is the broader political, economic and


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