By Norm Dixon SYDNEY — "The president of the white people, F.W. de Klerk (he's not my president as I never elected him, I have no voting rights in South Africa), has been doing the rounds telling the international community that apartheid is at an
Finns for fuel efficiency By a big majority, the people of Finland prefer greater energy efficiency to the building of new power plants, according to a poll published on February 26. Commissioned by Greenpeace and conducted in January, the
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — Despite President Vaclav Havel's pledge last year to curtail Czechoslovakia's arms industry — the country was the world's eighth largest weapons exporter in 1986 — the Civic Forum government has signed a deal, worth
By Adriaan Anarco-Troika DARWIN — The chief political reporter for the Murdoch-owned Northern TerritoryNews, Frank Alcorta, is being criticised for accepting a $20,000 commission from the CLP government to write a book. The "coffee table" book is
Duck rescuers out in big numbers By Mark Berriman Animal rights and environmental groups launched some of the largest operations yet to retrieve dead and injured waterfowl as the 1991 duck season opened on March 16. In NSW about 200 rescuers
By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — After three weeks of indecision, the Australian Democrats' two members of the New South Wales Legislative Council voted on March 21 to support Greiner government legislation for a referendum that would reduce the chamber
The power of a dream Sean Whelan This is the 75th anniversary of Ireland's 1916 Easter Rebellion. It is undoubtedly the most important single event in the history and politics of Ireland and had a huge impact worldwide. In the ensuing war of
By Kevin Healy Talking to a listener this morning, no doubt in a state of shock, feeling that just another little bit of his or her life has been extracted from him or her: never again the excitement of a party political ad on telly. In the media
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — News of mass sackings next month at the Krosno Glass works, one of Poland's first five companies privatised at the end of last year, is an indication that the rapid advance towards privatisation in Eastern European will
Since 1986, about 1 million civilians have fled their homes to escape the fighting in the Philippines. The plight of this destitute, homeless tribe — "internal refugees" — is still not fully recognised by the Aquino government. DAVID ROBIE
Kitchen Talk Newsletter Published six times per year by Michael and Janet Boddy Subscriptions ($42 per year) from The Bugle Press, Binalong NSW 2584 Reviewed by Dave Riley Food now produced by so few is scrutinised by so many so intently. Its
Student demonstrations, a military clampdown and an emigre exodus have marked the lead-up to Albania's first multiparty elections, scheduled for March 31. From Prague, Green Left correspondent PETER ANNEAR reports. The exodus of 20,000 Albanians