Glenn Shields is the Socialist Alliance candidate for Franklin. As a long time campaigner for a healthier environment and for the preservation of Tasmania's forests, he has played a leading role in challenging the introduction of wood-fired power stations in Tasmania such as the Southwood Woodchip Mill.

Greg McFarlane, Sydney The battle between the local community and Northern Sydney Health over future hospital services in Sydney's northern beach suburbs is heating up, following NSW health minister Morris Iemma's announcement on September 6 that
3 Iraq occupation 'root cause of violence' SYDNEY — On September 11, 85 people packed the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to hear independent reporter John Martinkus and former human shield in Iraq Donna Mulhearn. Martinkus also screened his film
Louise Walker& Sue Bolton Over the last few months, Howard's Coalition government has been lobbying big business about the dangers of the ALP's industrial relations policy giving trade unions "too much power". Labor workplace relations shadow
Jeffrey St. Clair is a US environmentalist and author of Been Brown So Long it Looked Like Green to Me: The Politics of Nature. He is also the co-editor with Alexander Cockburn of the radical muckraking newsletter and online site Counterpunch, as
Tony Iltis, Melbourne A mass meeting on September 8 of about 400 members of the Victorian branch of the Ambulance Employees Association (AEA) voted to reject offers put forward by the Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Rural Ambulance Victoria
Rohan Pearce The James Hardie scandal is one of corporate Australia's worst. While the amount of money involved may be less than some of the high-profile corporate collapses of recent years, the cynicism with which Hardie's management evidently
MELBOURNE — More than 180 people crammed into the Brunswick Town Hall on September 4 to celebrate and raise funds for Green Left Weekly. A range of prominent GLW supporters addressed the event, including Moreland councillor and Construction,
Alex Milne We now have scientific confirmation that sit-ins, rallies and boycotts are more likely to influence the government's environmental policy than schmoozing to politicians. A study by American sociologist Jon Agnone, published in New
Marce Cameron, Brisbane An alliance of progressive organisations is planning a peaceful rally and march at PM John Howard's official election campaign launch on September 26. This will be one week before the national pre-election "End the lies"
Bill Nevins, New York The August 30-September 2 Republican National Convention in New York City was marked by systematic and cynical violation of the free speech and free assembly rights of those protesting President George Bush and his war on
Iraq John Howard yaps behind the US and British dogs of war while his faithful warmongrel, Larry Anthony, obsesses with the vital events of our time — the Casino/Murwillumbah railway and the Ocean Shores sports field — in an attempt to blinker