Doug Lorimer Bakhtiar Amin, human rights minister in Washington's puppet Interim Government of Iraq, announced on July 19 that he would investigate a report carried exclusively by the July 17 Sydney Morning Herald that the IGI's prime minister,
Country Joe Band<http://www.countryjoe.com> REVIEW BY NORMAN SOLOMON Taking the stage at a community centre in the small Northern California town of Bolinas, a group of four musicians quickly showed themselves to be returning as a
Chris Harman Paul was a brilliant socialist writer, a speaker more able than any other to make people see what was wrong with capitalism, a tireless campaigner against injustice, and an investigative journalist whose revelations caused the
Rohan Pearce "I have long thought Michael Moore a liar, and should not have been shocked when I saw his 'documentary' Fahrenheit 9/11. Even so, I was horrified. This film — breaking box-office records in America — is so deceitful that it makes
The International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) is taking urgent action in support of its affiliate, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), in its fight to stop the James Hardie asbestos corporation depriving its former workers of
Kerryn Williams "Australia's vote in the United Nations against the world court ruling that the so-called 'security barrier' in Israeli-occupied Palestine is illegal is a shameful act", said Lisa Macdonald, national co-convenor of the Socialist
Stop killer Coke! MELBOURNE — On July 22, "International Stop Killer Coke day", 100 people gathered at Federation Square in solidarity with workers in Colombia. Photo from <http://melbourne.indymedia.org>. From Green Left Weekly,
Azad Arman, an Iraqi Kurd now living in Melbourne, recently spent three months in northern Iraq. A member of the International Socialist Organisation, an affiliate of the Socialist Alliance, Arman spoke to Green Left Weekly's Chris Slee. The
Reihana Mohideen, North Cotabato City, Mindanao The Bangsa Moro people of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, are fighting for national self-determination. Before the 20th century, 98% of the land in Mindanao and Sulu belonged to the Moros. In
Up to 4.1 million Australians live in poverty. At least 1 million Australians live in poverty despite living in households with one or more employed adults. At least 700,000 children live in households where neither parent is employed. 21% of
Iraq I John Howard assures us that the Flood report on Australia's intelligence services absolves the government of political interference. However, the decision to wage war on Iraq was a foregone conclusion. 9/11 enabled the Bush administration to
Phil Chilton, Perth For the second time in a month, 30 refugee-rights activists maintained a vigil outside the Perth Immigration Detention Centre on July 17. Nine people stayed overnight. The vigil was initiated by the Refugee Rights Action