Up to 4.1 million Australians live in poverty. At least 1 million Australians live in poverty despite living in households with one or more employed adults. At least 700,000 children live in households where neither parent is employed. 21% of
Iraq I John Howard assures us that the Flood report on Australia's intelligence services absolves the government of political interference. However, the decision to wage war on Iraq was a foregone conclusion. 9/11 enabled the Bush administration to
Phil Chilton, Perth For the second time in a month, 30 refugee-rights activists maintained a vigil outside the Perth Immigration Detention Centre on July 17. Nine people stayed overnight. The vigil was initiated by the Refugee Rights Action
Most striking about the re-make of the Stepford Wives movie — other than the irony that women now willingly dress much like the original Stepford wives — is the difference in the central character, Joanna. The movie has changed from thriller to
Message Stick: Faith Thomas — Thomas became one of the first Indigenous nurses to graduate from the Royal Adelaide hospital; the first Aboriginal nurse in South Australia to become a public servant and run a hospital; and the only Aboriginal woman
Federico Fuentes Nine months after the popular revolt that ousted the previous president, the Bolivian and international media are trumpeting the result of the July 18 referendum on Bolivia's natural gas industry as a win for President Carlos
Over the next few weeks, the Socialist Alliance will be distributing 200,000 "postcards to John Howard" demanding the Australian government withdraw its troops from Iraq. The cards will be distributed from campaigning stalls outside screenings of
Bill Mason, Brisbane The Queensland government is giving millions of dollars to some of the country's richest companies. Corporate giants such as Qantas, Macquarie Bank, Suncorp and APN News and Media were among the 42 companies to profit from
James is the convenor of the ACT Network Opposing War. ACTNOW organised one of the largest protests in the history of Canberra on March 23, 2003, involving up to 20,000 people opposed to the war on Iraq. He passionately believes that foreign troops
Susan Connolly One of the splendid things about human beings is our capacity to imagine an alternative future. This is part of the backbone of hope — hope in the conviction that life contains promise and some growth. We are at a time where we are
Review by Lachlan Malloch Fahrenheit 9/11Written and directed by Michael MooreAt cinemas everywhere "[This] documentary has managed to ignite a fire in the collective belly of the American public", declared a Kansas City movie-goer after
Doug Lorimer Under the headline "3 million Iraqis under militia rule", the July 17 Houston Chronicle reported that rebel Iraqi Shiite leader Sayed Moqtada al Sadr's Madhi Army has taken control of Baghdad's largest neighbourhood in defiance of