Ally Black, Glasgow Three features of the June 10 European Parliament elections stand out starkly. First, there was a pitifully low turnout in most of the 25 member states making up the newly enlarged European Union. Voter abstention reached an
Some 530,000 people, braving a heat wave in humid Hong Kong, demonstrated on the seventh anniversary of the former British colony's July 1, 1997, handover to China. They were angered by Beijing's recent rejection of the demand for complete direct
AFGHANISTAN: Women election workers killed Two Afghan women were killed and 13 were wounded on June 28 by a bomb that exploded on a bus filled with election workers travelling to Rodat to register women voters. A Taliban spokesperson claimed
Robyn Marshall, Caracas Since it took office in 1999, the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has implemented a number of programs and reforms to help the poor. Assisting in the process of change has been the Bolivarian Circles, through
Barry Weisleder, Toronto On June 28, voters across Canada rejected the newly formed Conservative Party, and punished the Liberals for 11 years of cutbacks and corruption and strengthened the New Democratic Party (NDP). The electoral shift to the
Disability rights campaigner Kathleen (Katie) Ball died in Melbourne on June 25 from pneumonia at the age of 39. Katie was a qualified secondary teacher, a community development worker and a grassroots activist, who never shied away from taking
With Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber and Mekhi PhiferDirected by Zack Snyder REVIEW BY RJURIK DAVIDSON There is no space for liberalism in the horror story, which proceeds from the assumption that there is something drastically wrong with
Barry Sheppard, San Francisco On June 27, the Green Party convention voted against endorsing the independent Ralph Nader-Peter Camejo campaign for the US presidency. Less than a week before the convention, Nader named Greens activist Camejo as
Lynda Hansen, Brisbane The Selling Sex in Queensland report, commissioned by the Prostitution Licensing Authority 18 months ago and independently prepared by researchers from the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology,
Julia Costello & Frances Usherwood, Sydney The University of Sydney recently proposed the cutting of its nursing faculty. This proposal, announced by Vice-Chancellor Gavin Brown, states that the faculty will not take any more undergraduate
My Life is an extraordinary book that should be read and reread by every socialist. Of course, we mean My Life by the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. My Life by Bill Clinton, on the other hand, is a pompous piece of junk — lies and distortions
Eva Cheng Members and sympathisers of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation, who have been leading grassroots worker and peasant struggles have been under increasing attack in the states of Bihar and Assam. In the northern
Dick Nichols The last month of federal parliament's winter session has seen a chain of dizzying backflips by the federal Labor "opposition". For six or seven months Labor leader Mark Latham seemed to promise something a bit better than the hated
Tom's first big political action was in 1981, when he was arrested for obstructing bulldozers on Mount Nardi in what is now Nightcap National Park. A campaigner on environment and social justice issues since the Franklin River campaign, Tom has
Zoe has been fighting for social and global justice since 1998 when she helped blockade the Jabiluka Uranium Mine in Kakadu national park. "The world is only going to get better if we organise for it to do so", she said. One of her inspirations are
The budget couldn't fudge it,the war has left our senses dazed; and his welfare policiesare dredged from ancient days. Destroying health by stealth,robbing families blind;those who want to vote for himmust be out of their tiny mind. The Timorese


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