Dick Nichols The last month of federal parliament's winter session has seen a chain of dizzying backflips by the federal Labor "opposition". For six or seven months Labor leader Mark Latham seemed to promise something a bit better than the hated
My Life is an extraordinary book that should be read and reread by every socialist. Of course, we mean My Life by the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. My Life by Bill Clinton, on the other hand, is a pompous piece of junk — lies and distortions
Eva Cheng Members and sympathisers of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation, who have been leading grassroots worker and peasant struggles have been under increasing attack in the states of Bihar and Assam. In the northern
The budget couldn't fudge it,the war has left our senses dazed; and his welfare policiesare dredged from ancient days. Destroying health by stealth,robbing families blind;those who want to vote for himmust be out of their tiny mind. The Timorese
Tom's first big political action was in 1981, when he was arrested for obstructing bulldozers on Mount Nardi in what is now Nightcap National Park. A campaigner on environment and social justice issues since the Franklin River campaign, Tom has
Zoe has been fighting for social and global justice since 1998 when she helped blockade the Jabiluka Uranium Mine in Kakadu national park. "The world is only going to get better if we organise for it to do so", she said. One of her inspirations are
Margaret Murphy, Daylesford On May 26, National Sorry Day, a Jaara descendant of the Kulin Nation Susan Rankin peacefully reoccupied crown land at Franklinford in central Victoria. She is calling her campsite the "Going Home Camp". This land was
Sarah Stephen On June 24, a mosque in Melbourne suffered an arson attack. The following day, a Muslim prayer hall in the north-western Sydney suburb of Annangrove was vandalised. Pig's heads were put on spikes outside the hall and offal was smeared
Lynda Hansen On June 7, the Courier Mail warned voters that the person they elect will cost taxpayers more than $600,000 to keep in office. Perks have driven the total cost to taxpayers of keeping the 226 federal MPs and senators in parliament to
Not happy George! "Two days early, with a veil of secrecy and a tight security lockdown, Washington's proconsul in Iraq, Paul Bremer III, handed a hollow and uncertain sovereignty to Iyad Allawi, a former Baathist collaborator of Saddam Hussein who
Marcus Pabian& Tony Iltis Over the last 12 months a new bilingual newspaper, Codka Dhallinyaradda Soomaaliyeed (Voice of Somali Youth), has been published in Melbourne by activists who were part of the Western Suburbs Community Coalition Against
Kerryn Williams, Sydney SYDNEY — Rallies took place around the country on June 30 to "Bring the troops home" and to protest the fake handover of sovereignty to a US-appointed Iraqi interim government. The "handover" occurring two days early and
Melanie Sjoberg, Adelaide "The representative notion of governance is not one held among many Aboriginal communities", John Tregenza, an Aboriginal public health worker, told a Socialist Alliance meeting on June 30. Aboriginal councils, services
Indigenous households earn about $200 less than other households per week, or 62% of the average household income. Indigenous people are half as likely to have completed their schooling and only about 40% are employed, compared to 60% in the wider
Doug Lorimer On June 24, Iraqi resistance fighters forced US Army troops to withdraw to the outskirts of Baquba, a city with 250,000 residents located 56 kilometres north of Baghdad. The assault was part of coordinated attacks against US occupation
Norm Dixon The African National Congress-led Johannesburg City Council is attempting to evict two of South Africa's leading activist organisations from their premises in the city's Newtown arts precinct. On July 1, more than 50 activists gathered


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