Margaret Murphy, Daylesford On May 26, National Sorry Day, a Jaara descendant of the Kulin Nation Susan Rankin peacefully reoccupied crown land at Franklinford in central Victoria. She is calling her campsite the "Going Home Camp". This land was
Ally Black, Glasgow Three features of the June 10 European Parliament elections stand out starkly. First, there was a pitifully low turnout in most of the 25 member states making up the newly enlarged European Union. Voter abstention reached an
Raul Bassi was born in Argentina and migrated to Australia in 1983. His first political demonstration was against the US invasion of Santo Domingo in 1965. He embraced socialism and anti-imperialism and joined the struggle for working-class and human
Dick Nichols Lisa Macdonald, the Socialist Alliance's candidate for the federal seat of Reid, has described the debate between Labor and the Coalition over who has the best "coastal protection" policy as "an obscene joke". "People smuggling,
Not happy George! "Two days early, with a veil of secrecy and a tight security lockdown, Washington's proconsul in Iraq, Paul Bremer III, handed a hollow and uncertain sovereignty to Iyad Allawi, a former Baathist collaborator of Saddam Hussein who
Disability rights campaigner Kathleen (Katie) Ball died in Melbourne on June 25 from pneumonia at the age of 39. Katie was a qualified secondary teacher, a community development worker and a grassroots activist, who never shied away from taking
Robyn Marshall, Caracas Since it took office in 1999, the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has implemented a number of programs and reforms to help the poor. Assisting in the process of change has been the Bolivarian Circles, through
Civil rights suspended: Labor nods 'yes' Hardly a week goes by without another civil liberty being abolished. Largely ignored by the corporate press, the current sitting of parliament is examining the National Security Information (Criminal
Roberto Jorquera On June 29, web-based news service Venezuelanalysis.com reported that several people were attacked at a protest opposing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The angry protest was caught on tape by the state-run television channel
Melanie Sjoberg, Adelaide "The representative notion of governance is not one held among many Aboriginal communities", John Tregenza, an Aboriginal public health worker, told a Socialist Alliance meeting on June 30. Aboriginal councils, services
Lynda Hansen, Brisbane The Selling Sex in Queensland report, commissioned by the Prostitution Licensing Authority 18 months ago and independently prepared by researchers from the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology,
Barry Sheppard, San Francisco On June 27, the Green Party convention voted against endorsing the independent Ralph Nader-Peter Camejo campaign for the US presidency. Less than a week before the convention, Nader named Greens activist Camejo as