Doug Lorimer Following Spain's announcement on April 19 that it would be pulling its contingent of 1300 troops out of Iraq over the following two weeks, the UN-authorised multinational force which the Spanish troops were part of has started to
Sarah Stephen On May 1, the European Union will expand from 15 countries to 25, incorporating Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. While there will be unprecedented freedom of
Jack Cohen-Joppa & Alison Dellit As he walked out the prison door on April 21, the thumping beat of a police helicopter overhead, the shouts from the press and the cheers and jeers of demonstrators just outside the massive gate may have prevented
Sue Bolton, Melbourne "Craig Johnston is being targeted because he's a leader, and that's the only reason he's been targeted", Jenny Kruschel, assistant Victorian branch secretary of the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA),
Bill Nevins The Black Eagle Drum Group brought honour, big time, to Jemez Pueblo and to all of New Mexico when it won a Grammy award for best Native American music album in February. Black Eagle - Flying Free, is the group's sixth recording and the
Iraq I Australian soldiers should be withdrawn immediately from Iraq. They are not doing their country proud by remaining there. The occupation of Iraq is immoral and only perpetuates the wrong-doing of the initial invasion. Our soldiers should be
Margaret Gleeson, Sydney In announcing the new childcare regulations to be introduced into NSW parliament on May 4, Carmel Tebbutt, the Labor minister for community services, revealed that existing ratios of one staff member to five babies (0-2
@intro2 = As students campaign against proposals to make higher education more expensive and more polarised, many university workers are arguing for their union to actively support the protests. RMIT staff member LISA FARRANCE, a member of the
Doug Lorimer On April 20, as the death toll of US troops in Iraq passed the 700 mark, US President George Bush nominated John Negroponte, currently Washington's ambassador to the UN, to replace Paul Bremer as US ambassador to Iraq. If his
Sue Bolton, Melbourne Faced with intransigence from Victorian Premier Steve Bracks' Labor government, an April 20 mass meeting of public hospital nurses voted to reject the government's "offer" to remove previously won working conditions. The


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