The media weren't happy with the second convention of the German Greens, held in eastern Berlin May 15-17. "Beer and sausage are preferable to sharp discussion", was the comment of one local journalist.

No means no Sex without consent is rape. By definition, a woman can never "ask" to be raped. But logic is blocked out of prejudiced minds, even the supposedly best educated ones. On May 4, the NSW Victims' Compensation Tribunal rejected a
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Four days after the Sosnovy Bor nuclear power plant near St Petersburg released a cloud of radioactive steam on March 24, Yegor Gaidar, first vice-premier in the Yeltsin government, signed plans for a massive
A memo by the World Bank's chief economist recommending that polluting industries be concentrated in the Third World highlights the "economic logic" that selectively targets poor people and their countries for environmental devastation. The
Indonesian students charged SEMARANG — Two students are facing serious criminal charges following a meeting critical of the lack of democracy in Indonesian elections. About 30 students, organised in the Semarang Students Forum, held a
By Dave Riley The magazine format is increasingly popular on television. Each program is a series of grab segments. You can catch up with the latest on quasars or the use of chook poo on a garden border. So why not one on sex? Ten points for
By Allen Myers [A Sydney rape victim last week had her application for compensation rejected by the Victims' Compensation Tribunal, which made comments including "applicant encouraged actions" and "she must be responsible for her own actions".]
By Tim Anderson No scalps at ICAC It seems that no serious charges will be laid against senior police or prison officers after the Independent Commission Against Corruption's prisoner informers inquiry. There will be no major "scalps", and
By Angela Matheson When women have demanded change, there has always been a backlash. Two thousand years ago angry women stormed the Roman Forum demanding equal rights, and the counter- assault from law-makers was swift — the troublesome sex
Democracy and trade unions Around the country, trade union rights are under attack. The APPM dispute in Burnie and the Greiner government's union-bashing in NSW are only the more prominent examples of a widespread offensive against the
A World Without Pity (Un Monde sans Pitie) Writer/director Eric Rochard Starring Hippolyte Girarot, Mireille Perrier Reviewed by Pat Brewer "Hippo doesn't believe in God, nor in a bright future, nor in the European Market. He has no dreams,
By Eva Cox On the back of Susan Faludi's book is a 90-year-old quote from Rebecca West, acknowledging some of the problems in defining feminism. Said West: "I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that
Budgies, Icarus and disintegration Reef Windows By Duncan Richardson 36pp, $5 pb (+ $1 postage) Available from PO Box 274, Corinda, Brisbane 4075 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen Like his Siberian tigers, Duncan Richardson's poetry prowls
By Frank Noakes The immediate sense one gets upon entering the office of new Greens (WA) Senator Christabel Chamarette is one of ease. There's a comfortable atmosphere that comes from people working well and confidently together. Christabel
A Thesaurus of LA Burning em = By Nicole Matthews So you've just purchased your own pushcart? How long did you think you could push down and put upon the put-upon before becoming their quarry? A burning rag in quart bottle is just quid pro quo
Woodchippers demand more rainforest MADANG — The only clearfell woodchip operation of tropical rainforest in the world, here in Madang province, is set to expand according to Glen Barry. Barry is the landowner awareness officer of the Wau


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