Ray Fulcher, Melbourne
On February 1, Victoria Police dragged Raymond Merritt through the broken window of an allegedly stolen car and smashed his head against the roof.
Merritt, an Aboriginal man, is wanted by NSW police as a suspect in a series

Murray Smith, Paris
As campaigning for the March regional elections moves into top gear, the familiar odour of corruption is once again wafting across the French political scene.
Ex-prime minister Alain Juppe, president of the governing Union for

Ian Jamieson, Fremantle
For the first time, the Western Australian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has allowed rank-and-file members to express their opinions at a state conference of the union.
Held over the February 14-15

Rohan Pearce& Doug Lorimer
Resistance fighters have forced US troops to abandon their occupation of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, at least temporarily.
According to the February 8 Washington Post, US troops abandoned fixed positions in the city,

Brian Webb & Dick Nichols
As the federal poll approaches, the Socialist Alliance is poised to launch Australia's biggest socialist election campaign in decades.
The alliance will be contesting Senate seats in six states and territories and at

Sarah Stephen
The weekend after the January 29-31 ALP national conference, I attended the Rural Australians for Refugees national conference, one of the biggest gatherings of refugees' rights activists in the last few years. As the outcome of the

Kiraz Janicke, Perth
"As a student I have seen the impact of the Howard government's attacks on our education in the form of inadequate library resources, overcrowded tutorials and severely overworked staff", Alex Whisson told Green Left Weekly.

Steve Georgopoulos
During the 2001 Tampa crisis, the unwritten law of the sea to help those in need was denigrated and broken by Prime Minister John Howard. Some asylum seekers were accepted as refugees by New Zealand and the rest have been sent to

Rohan Pearce
The Reuters wire service revealed on February 9 that Al Rafidayn, Iraq's largest bank, has sacked one-third of its 7300 employees in preparation for privatisation. Bank chairperson Daya al Khayoun told Reuters that Al Rafidayn accounts

Sarah Stephen
Immigration minister Amanda Vanstone is feeling the pressure of public opposition to children in detention. So the government is quietly releasing them, one by one.
Over the past 12 months, the number of asylum-seekers under 18


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