Peter Perkins, Sydney How did one of the best metropolitan passenger rail networks in the world get thrown into chaos this month leaving angry commuters stranded on overcrowded platforms, unsure of how they were going to get home or to work? With
SYDNEY — The Socialist Alliance is campaigning in support of train drivers and against the NSW government's destruction of public transport. See the activist calendar on page 23 for details of upcoming campaign events or go to
Jim McIlroy, Brisbane The Socialist Alliance laid a firm foundation for the future with a strong showing in the Queensland state election on February 7. In the most recent figures available, Inala candidate Adrian Skerritt received 598 votes
Dr Margaret Perrott The medical defence insurance debacle continues to claim victims, even though the federal government pretends that a solution has been reached. The January 24 Illawarra Mercury reported that "the crisis [in medical indemnity
Max Lane On February 12, the Indonesian Supreme Court voted, with one dissenting voice, to overturn a guilty verdict for corruption from two lower courts against parliamentary speaker Akbar Tanjung. In September 2002, a Jakarta district court
NSW postal workers strike to defend jobs Jenny Long, Sydney On February 12, Australia Post parcel workers struck for 24 hours over proposed network and technology changes that will undermine jobs, wages and conditions. The Communications,
Kathleen Scott, Sydney After almost 18 months of bargaining and three strikes, University of Sydney staff have secured a landmark agreement that includes one of the best paid maternity packages in the country. Enterprise bargaining at Sydney
Doug Lorimer On February 2, US President George Bush submitted to Congress a budget for the next fiscal year (October 1, 2004- September 30, 2005) that envisages spending US$427 billion on the US war machine. The Bush administration puts its
Student organisations and activist groups have decided to mobilise as many young people as possible on March 20, to protest the occupation of Iraq. The National Union of Students is supporting the protests, and will produce a poster advertising the
One year ago, on and around February 15, 1 million people marched in Australia against the impending invasion of Iraq. This was the biggest ever simultaneous global protest — more than 30 million around the world — and the biggest in Australian
Dave Riley, Brisbane With its majority only slightly trimmed at the February 7 state poll, the Labor government's expected electoral success may have obscured some interesting political trends evident in the poll. Standing in 72 of the 89 seats,
James Caulfield, Canberra The University of Canberra became the first institution to endorse implementing domestic full fees since the Nelson Review "reforms" were passed in parliament last year, after a motion put by vice-chancellor Roger Dean was
Nikki Ulasowski, Perth "The workers' compensation legislation in this state is the worst in Australia, and what's being proposed will make sure that it remains the worst in Australia", Kevin Reynolds told Green Left Weekly on February 10.
The Last SamuraiDirected and written by Edward ZwickWith Tom Cruise and Ken WatanabeShowing at major cinemas REVIEW BY DAVE RILEY Any serious examination of The Last Samurai must consider the historical context in which the film places its
Marcus Greville, London On February 7, British PM Tony Blair's New Labour expelled the Railway and Maritime and Transport Union from its ranks. The RMT, involved in the British Labour Party's 1900 founding, is the first union ever to be booted from
Kieran Latty & Susan Price, Sydney The Socialist Alliance will stand three candidates in the March 27 Leichhardt council elections — militant unionist Shane Bentley, Books Not Bombs youth anti-war activist Kylie Moon, and refugees' rights


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