Tony Iltis, Melbourne Activists from the Western Suburbs Community Coalition Against Racism (WSCCAR) picketed the Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 12 to protest charges laid against TAFE student Hussein Farah. He has been charged with five
Caryl Rivers, Boston Women's eNews (<http://www.womensenews.org/> — The Vatican's anti-contraception campaign — which has an ally in the White House — has been blocked by a New York court. In places such as Kenya — where HIV is
Bryan Sketchley, Melbourne The Victorian Labor government has offered its 25,000 public servants a pay cut (in real terms), and a reduction in working conditions, in the current round of enterprise bargaining. By scrimping on public servants'
Doug Lorimer On January 26, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported an increase in cases of encephalitis — a viral disease that causes swelling of the brain — among children in Baghdad over the preceding
Sarah Stephen & Andrew Hall, Albury NSW In one of the few national gatherings of any of the refugees' rights organisations which formed in the wake of the Tampa affair at the end of 2001, 320 people attended the second conference of Rural
The DeportedA BBC and Arte France co-productionSBSTuesday, February 24, 7.30pm REVIEW BY SARAH STEPHEN The Deported follows what happens to five asylum seekers, some from Afghanistan and some from Mali, after being deported from France. Most Air
Australian and US government representatives finally agreed on a free-trade agreement (AUSFTA) on February 9, after 11 months of negotiations and widespread protest and controversy in both countries. Amid claims and counterclaims about which national
Vannessa Hearman, Melbourne More than 40 people attended the inaugural meeting of the Timor Sea Justice Campaign on January 21. Like many others, they were concerned with the Australian government's exploitation of Timorese oil. The campaign was
Leigh Hughes, Adelaide Tom Bertuleit and Amy McDonell, the Socialist Alliance's Senate candidates in South Australia, have pledged to not only do everything they can to stop further privatisations, but to also to fight to return essential services
Alison Dellit After a sustained campaign by anti-death penalty activists, Californian death-row prisoner Kevin Cooper was granted a stay of execution on February 9 — less than eight hours before his murder was scheduled to happen. The 11th hour


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