Kathy Newnam, Mumbai One of the largest contingents to the World Social Forum (WSF) in Mumbai was from the Pakistan Social Forum (PSF). With nearly 400 delegates, it was the largest delegation of Pakistanis that has been to India for a specific
"Good parenting and responsibility is not an optional extra in life, it's necessary for a good society", argued federal ALP leader Mark Latham in supporting plans by the Western Australian Labor government to issue "parental responsibility orders"
HOBART — A recent Newspoll on woodchipping commissioned by Doctors for Forests has drawn angry responses from the forestry industry and Liberal and Labor state politicians. More than 85% of the 1200 people interviewed across Australia said they
Max Lane The Indonesian people's contempt for, and rejection of, the country's elit politik (political elite) is wide and deep. So deep, that a term that began as a normal sociological description is now a form of insult used by the masses. Several
On January 17, former diplomat Tony Kevin revealed that Australian SAS forces in Iraq had engaged in a "turkey shoot" against Iraqi troops — 30 hours before US President George Bush's declaration of war. Green Left Weekly's Nick Everett spoke to
No. 1 with a bullet "As Americans flood Iraq's airwaves with radio stations playing harmless Western and Arab pop tunes, the young are turning elsewhere for their musical inspiration. They turn to artists like Sabah al Jenabi who sings: 'America
Russian left and KPRF Tom Freeman (Write On, GLW #566) provides a curious gloss on the article in GLW #565 in which Boris Kagarlitsky discusses the Future of the Left conference held by Russian oppositionists last November in the town of Golitsyno,
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Dave Riley A day after admitting that he took policy leads from interstate ALP governments and New Labour in Britain, state Coalition leader Lawrence Spingborg accused Queensland Labor of policy theft. "This is just plagiarism", he said, "at the
Dale Mills David Hicks has been held without charge in the US military camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba for more than two years. In November, US Major Michael Mori was appointed as his military "defence counsel". On January 21, Mori launched an


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