BY EMMA MURPHY When I was recording oral histories with Aboriginal women in the Central Desert region, it struck me that food played a central role in their stories. Talking about the "early days", women would describe in detail their traditional
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Forest activist Neil Smith, known as "Hector the Protector", was jailed after turning himself in to Tasmanian police on November 13. He refused to pay a $5000 fine for sitting in a tree during a 1998 forest
BY DEIRDRE GRISWOLD The richest person in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has been arrested at gunpoint and sits in jail. Some US$14 billion worth of stocks he held in Yukos Oil — 44% of all shares in the company — were initially frozen by
Log-truck drivers paid illegal rates HOBART — The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has begun a campaign to win improvements in pay for log-truck drivers in Tasmania after discovering a number of drivers had been illegally underpaid, some by as much
US attorney-general John Ashcroft recently visited an elementary school. After speaking for 15 minutes, he said, "I will now answer any questions you have". Bobby stood up and said, "I have four questions: 1. How did US President George Bush win
In This WorldDirected by Michael WinterbottomWith Jamal Udin, Torabi Enayatullah and Imran ParachaScreening nationally at Dendy cinemas REVIEW BY TIM STEWART In these times, when rich-country governments lock out or lock up refugees, In This
Bush in Babylon: the Recolonisation of IraqBy Tariq AliVerso 2003214 pages, $25 REVIEW BY NICK FREDMAN "I see a horizon lit with bloodAnd many a starless night.A generation comes and another goesAnd the fire keeps burning." — Iraqi poet al
BY TONY ILTIS MELBOURNE — On November 22, a noon protest rally will be held in the Footscray Mall to protest against police racism and violence against Muslim youth in the city's western suburbs. The protest is being organised by the Western
BY JOHN CATALINOTTO Tens of thousands of employed and unemployed workers marched through downtown Berlin on November 1 to protest the German governments' plans to cut pensions, unemployment insurance payments and other social services, contained in
BY JESS MELVIN MELBOURNE — "Redevelopment" has gone off the rails at Melbourne Central train station. As part of the "new evolving Melbourne Central", rail commuters have been diverted from their usual direct exit point to Swanston Street, which
BY LIZ BRANIGAN Many progressives and moderates support the principle that parents should share care of children. In an ideal world: where flexible working hours were common; where women's wages were on a par with men's; where men devoted as much
BY MARCUS GREVILLE LONDON — The Stop the War Coalition (STWC) is hoping for a turnout of more than 100,000 people for the November 19-21 demonstrations against the state visit of US President George Bush to London and in opposition to the US and
BY ALISON DELLIT These are turbulent times. We are living in a state of permanent war, enforced by the world's ruling corporate elite. Driving the military offensive — by the world's most terrible and expensive war machine — is an economic war
BY SHUA GARFIELD HOBART — "Contrary to yet another commitment" is how Phillip Baker, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union's Tasmanian branch secretary, described plans by Labor Premier Jim Bacon's government to privatise software company
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — "It's this period that gives me the greatest satisfaction", Socialist member of the scottish parliament (MSP) Colin Fox told the Socialist Alliance Victorian conference, titled Resisting the Empire, on November 15.
BY DALE MILLS The November 11 decision by the US Supreme Court to hear a legal challenge to the detention of some of the prisoners in Washington's off-shore Camp-X prison has set the stage for a showdown between the courts and the US


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