NEW YORK — A new report detailing the threat to coral reefs from global warming was released on May 6 by Greenpeace. Coral reef damage from "bleaching" would endanger low-lying coastlines and island states, says the report, written by Dr Sandy
By Barry Healy SYDNEY — The first week of the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry into the Terry Metherell scandal has been a difficult one for Premier Nick Greiner. Far from encouraging the fiasco to fade quietly, the inquiry
By Jose Gutierrez Every day, in the cities or in the countryside, at places of work, factories, farm cooperatives, schools and marginal communities, Salvadorans gather in small circles for a daily ritual — to tune in to Radio Farabundo
Telling all Will there be a point at which the sheer volume of scandal tips the balance, when everyone finally realises that vice is the norm and virtue really rather unusual? What will happen then? A Donahue show in which moderate souls shock
Rebirth of the Cool By Norm Dixon One of the more interesting and welcome developments in contemporary music is the evolution of what has been tagged "acid jazz". While it's yet to garner a large audience in Australia, the success of the
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — State opposition leader Jeff Kennett never seems to know when to shut up. Revelations of dubious transactions conducted by the Kirner government to raise some ready cash prompted "foot-in-mouth" Kennett to threaten
Dalai Lama tour a success By Cameron S. Boyd BRISBANE — More than 5000 people crammed Brisbane's Albert Park to hear the Dalai Lama speak on May 13, and a further 2000 attended a public meeting at the Cultural Centre the night before.
Now And In The Time To Be: Ireland and the Irish By Thomas Keneally Pan MacMillan, 1991. 208 pp. $39.95 Reviewed by Bernie Brian In his foreword, Thomas Keneally suggests that "sentiment is the malaise of the returning pilgrim of Irish
By Laszlo Andor BUDAPEST — As the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development held its assembly here last month, and its leader Jacques Attali pointed out the advantages of the Hungarian path to a free market, one-third of Hungarian
Granma comments on upheaval HAVANA — In a full-page editorial on May 6, the Cuban newspaper Granma says that while vote-hunting in Miami recently, President Bush predicted social upheavals in Cuba. Bush obviously did not realise, it notes,
Crisis deepens for Dayaks By Survival Urgent Action Bulletin Government intimidation of tribal peoples in Sarawak is escalating. This year alone more than 50 Dayak people have been arrested for blockading the logging roads into their forest.
The executive board of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union in the US released the following statement on May 6. We have abridged it slightly. Sunday's White House statement blaming social programs of the 1960s for the Los
By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — Indonesian environmental and human rights activist Dipa Ramelan spoke here at a crowded public meeting on May 15. Dipa is being toured by Environmental Youth Alliance and AKSI(Indonesian action) to inform and
By Steve Painter Sell-offs, contracting out, liberalisation, deregulation, community provision — privatisation has paraded under a number of guises and slogans over the past decade, but in the end they all mean the same thing: theft.
Poor vote for British Greens British Green Party national council member Penny Kemp says the party's poor result in the recent national elections was due to a move to the right and an undue concentration on electoral politics. The party lost
By Sue Bull SYDNEY — A spirited and moving demonstration was held here on May 10 in support of imprisoned Cambodian boat people. Held outside the Villawood detention centre, it showed that a strong coalition against the xenophobic and


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