Bring Out the BannersVictorian Trade Union ChoirSend $20 to PO Box 79, Carlton South, Victoria 3053 (buy five and get one free) or visit <http://home.vicnet.net.au/~vtuc/cdpage.htm>. REVIEW BY ANNIE McGLADE Bring out the Banners is a
BY BARRY WEISLEDER Eight years of right-wing Conservative Party rule in Ontario, Canada's most populous province, came to a crashing halt on October 2. The Ontario Liberal Party, led by Dalton McGuinty, swept into government, capturing 72 of 103
BY DOUG LORIMER Despite the unanimous October 16 vote by the UN Security Council in favour of a US-sponsored call for the UN's 191 member countries to contribute troops to a US-commanded "multinational" Iraq occupation force, public support in the
BY DOUG LORIMER Three days after a massive wave of protests forced Bolivia's US-backed president, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, to resign and flee to Miami, tens of thousands of workers and peasants massed in the capital, La Paz, on October 20, vowing
Reality TV is designed to bring out the worst in people. On October 20, the top-rating Australian Idol — a glorified talent quest — really delivered the goods when "judge" and music industry heavy Ian "Dicko" Dickenson counselled beautiful and
On October 25, 100,000 anti-war protesters mobilised in Washington DC to demand the end of the US occupation of Iraq and the immediate withdrawal of US troops. Sponsored by two of country's largest anti-war coalitions, International Act Now to Stop
SYDNEY — Up to 1500 people attended a protest festival to oppose the visit of US President George Bush in Prince Alfred Park on October 19. Organised by the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition, the rally featured comedy act CNNNN and a "protest
BY DOUG LORIMER Glasgow MP George Galloway, an outspoken opponent of British Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to back the US-led invasion of Iraq, was expelled from the Labour Party on October 23. "Labour will rue the day that they took this
BY CHRISTANO KERRILA In response to the revolutionary process unfolding in Venezuela, the country's capitalist oligarchy, supported by the US government, has wielded its economic power in the form of sabotage. Through an alliance with corrupt
Protests against US President George Bush were staged in several cities across Indonesia on October 21, one day ahead of his brief visit to Bali. In Jakarta, about 300 protesters rallied outside the US embassy, burning an effigy of Bush, as well as


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