By Paul Adams MELBOURNE — There are many problems with relocating Coode Island's hazardous chemicals facilities to the west side of relatively remote Point Wilson, as recommended by the official investigators. The government is yet to
Sustaining the Earth: The past, present and future of the green revolution. By John Young New South Wales University Press, 1991. $19.95 Reviewed by Craig Brittain John Young has moved from the History Department at the University of
Earth Summit notes MADRID — Greenpeace Spain says the Earth Summit is in danger of becoming a carnival used by some governments to "greenwash" their image on environmental questions. Spokesperson Marie Luisa Toribio accused transnational
Just quietly "Between ourselves, shouldn't the World Bank promote the transfer of polluting industries to the less developed countries?" — Remark attributed to World Bank president Lawrence Summers in a recent internal report. What it's
East Timor — A Western Made Tragedy By Mark Aarons and Robert Domm Left Book Club. $5.95 Reviewed by Tony Iltis The November 12 massacre of a funeral procession in the Timorese capital, Dili, put the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, now
The two-party system after Wills The victory of left-wing independent Phil Cleary in the Wills by-election is a welcome result for all who recognise the rigged and corrupt nature of the two-party system. Wherever it survives, and not least in
Davidson swings against Liberals By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — The Liberal Party won the Davidson by-election on May 2, but not without a backlash from voters showing their disgust with the Nick Greiner government over the Metherell affair.
By Craig Cormick Blast magazine has received leaked copies of confidential government analyses of global political trends, and combined with the talents of our staff astrologer, we boldly outline the destiny of our globe towards the year 2001.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — For a brief but dramatic period in mid-April, Russia was without a government. On April 13 first deputy premier Yegor Gaidar and his ministers marched indignantly from the chamber of the Congress of People's
The story not told on ANZAC Day By John Tognolini Another ANZAC Day is past, but it's worth considering these words of one veteran who never marched on April 25: "I never went one step. My son has never forgotten or forgiven me for not taking


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