BY SARAH STEPHEN On April 25, Abu Quassey was deported from Indonesia to Egypt. Quassey had admitted his responsibility for helping to organise the fatal SIEV-X voyage, in which 353 asylum seekers died on October 19, 2001, while trying to reach
BY ROHAN PEARCE In many parts of Iraq, US-imposed "regime change" is bearing more than a passing resemblance to Iraq's former government. The May 7 Washington Post revealed that Baath Party members have been given senior roles in ministries
BY VIC POTTICARY ADELAIDE — Ninety-one years is not a bad lifespan and few people would have packed as much activity into it as did Norman Augustus Taylor, who passed away on April 17. Born in North London in 1912, Norm was educated in "the
BY SARAH STEPHEN "We chose Australia as a country of justice and freedom", Iranian asylum seekers in Port Hedland detention centre wrote in an open letter to the Australian people on March 14. They were horrified, however, by what they found.
BY RALF SCHARMANN DARWIN — On May 1, 40 people attended a public forum titled "People power — the new superpower". Organised by the No War committee, the forum was aimed at enabling people to discuss the situation facing anti-war activists
BY KEVIN SUMMERS Military triumphalism is all about: in letters to the editors, opinion pieces, commentaries and indeed in the smug countenances of numerous politicians. "The war is won", they proclaim. "Saddam is gone and the anti-war protesters
BY KATHERINE BRADSTREET SYDNEY — At a public meeting on May 8, representatives of the Greens, the Democrats and the ALP confirmed that their parties would block further plans to deregulate higher education through education minister Brendan
BY KIM LINDEN NEWCASTLE — Transport minister Michael Costa has backed a proposal to close part of the Newcastle rail line. The Socialist Alliance held a May 5 public meeting to discuss how the railway line can be saved. The plan would cut the
BY KAREN FLETCHER The manipulation of immigration policy has been one of the key strategies used by the US rulers in their 44-year campaign to strangle Cuba's attempt to build socialism. Bolstered by its "victory" in Iraq, Washington is now
BY JOHN GAUCI SYDNEY — On May 3, 30 people picketed the Manly office of federal MP Tony Abbott to protest against the Howard government's May 13 war budget. Socialist Alliance speaker Anne Picot explained that the Howard government has set


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