BY DOUG LORIMER Renowned Australian journalist and film-maker John Pilger has been awarded the 2003 Sophie Prize, one of the world's most generous environment and development prizes, for his work in helping the public to examine the real causes of
BY PETER BOYLE MELBOURNE — On May 10, delegates to the second national conference of the Socialist Alliance decided by a 75% majority vote to move the alliance toward becoming a united, multi-tendency socialist party. The conference supported
Women in the Philippines have launched a major campaign for reproductive rights in response to recent offensives against access to contraception and abortion. These offensives were triggered by the United States reintroducing the "global gag" rule
KIRKUK — Workers here commemorated May Day for the first time in three decades with a rally held in the garden of the North Oil Company, the northern division of Iraq's state-owned oil industry. The evening rally was attended by 3000 Iraqi Arabs,
BY ANITA LUMBUS Earlier this year, before Washington's invasion of Iraq began, US President George Bush addressed US troops in Florida. "We seek more than the defeat of terror", he said. "We seek an advance of freedom and a world at peace. That is
Easy to understand "We're explaining the situation to residents in an easy-to-understand way." — A public relations official of the Tokyo Electric Power company, after the company took all its nuclear reactors off line for testing on April 15
BY ELICIA SAVVAS& JAMES FRAZER ADELAIDE — The Students Association of Flinders University (SAFU) has discovered that the Flinders Academic Senate intends to set up a research centre within the university's history department that will foster
BY KATYA GOODALL European left organisations are planning a mass demonstration against the European Union summit, scheduled for June 20-22 in Greece. The venue, 100 kilometres from Thessalonika, was chosen by the Greek government in an attempt to
BY HERBERT DOCENA JAKARTA — Organisers of the "Iraq and the Global Peace Movement: What Next?" conference, which will be held here on May 19-21, expect attendance by as many as 200 delegates from the broad anti-war coalitions that have emerged in
BY DALE McKINLEY JOHANNESBURG — The African National Congress (ANC) government has just introduced an "anti-terrorism bill" in South Africa's parliament. If it is passed, it will in effect define the growing struggles of workers and the poor


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