BY LEIGH HUGHES Adelaide's student strike on March 26 saw thousands of high school students walk out of school to protest against war on Iraq. The following protest march, led by a huge banner demanding 'books not bombs', swelled to 7000 at its
As if to prove — yet again — the shallowness and absurdity of the "beauty" industry, the Sydney Morning Herald on March 4 announced that "designer pubic hair is in". The latest Gucci advertising campaign features a woman with her pubes waxed into
BY SEAN SEYMOUR-JONES MELBOURNE — Up to 4000 predominantly high school students careened through the streets of Melbourne in a chaotic and energetic display of anger over the war on Iraq on March 26. Even before the speaking platform began the
BY EMMA CLANCY SYDNEY — In an extraordinary move, the newly re-elected NSW Labor government has denied a permit for a student peace march on April 2, organised by Books Not Bombs, the national student anti-war organisation. Books Not Bombs
BY FAROOQ TARIQ LAHORE — The revolutionary socialists of the Labour Party Pakistan held their second congress here on March 22-23. LPP delegates agreed to increase their efforts to build the anti-war movement and recognised the need to take up
MATT EGAN reports that in northern NSW over 1000 students and supporters protested against the war in Iraq. In Lismore, around 700 people took part in the "Books Not Bombs'" student strike march and rally. A spirited group of about 30 students from
BY WILL WILLIAMS WOLLONGONG — Participants in a 300-strong anti-war march and rally voted unanimously to support the students' strike planned for April 2. Many pledged to travel to Sydney to defend the right to protest against the war. Although
BY ALISON DELLIT On March 26, around 25,000 students skipped classes to hit the streets and protest against the horrendously unjust war on Iraq. Students braved police violence, and threats of it, parental disapproval and school repression to get
BY NORM DIXON Those in the US, British and Australian governments and their mainstream media toadies who hoped the anti-war movement in the US and around the world would collapse following the launch of Washington's barbaric blitzkrieg against Iraq
Aspirant for title lives in White House "Iraq has no emperor to lend authority and cover for an American regent." — Retired US Army general Wesley Clark, commenting on the plans for a US military regime in post-war Iraq, Washington Post, March
The anti-war movement in Australia — which is one of the aggressor countries in the US-led invasion of Iraq — has a moral duty to escalate its campaign now, before more innocent Iraqi lives are sacrificed in this war. That needs no argument.
BY DOUG LORIMER While presenting its invasion of Iraq as having the broad international support, Washington has waged a concerted diplomatic campaign to block the convening of an emergency session of the 191 member countries of the UN General