BY EVA CHENG Capitalists have been guaranteed new room to expand their interests by the National People's Congress (NPC) — China's parliament — during its annual session in Beijing on March 5-18. The assurances came amid hollow statements by
BY ANGELA LUVERA CANBERRA — In the largest peace protest yet in Canberra, 20,000 people converged on the lawns outside federal parliament on March 23 and 24. Although most were from Canberra, protesters arrived from 22 cities and towns
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI PERTH — Students have been undeterred by the increased police attacks on anti-war protesters, vowing to demonstrate again on April 4. There have been many reports of police assaulting students and other demonstrators in
BY MELANIE SJOBERG ADELAIDE — The annual WOMAD world music festival in February once again provided a fabulous musical experience within the idyllic garden setting of Botanic Park. More than 15,000 people attended. It was truly inspiring to see
BY LEIGH HUGHES Adelaide's student strike on March 26 saw thousands of high school students walk out of school to protest against war on Iraq. The following protest march, led by a huge banner demanding 'books not bombs', swelled to 7000 at its
BY MARTIN ILTIS LONDON — On March 22, up to 500,000 people demonstrated in central London against the US-British-Australian invasion of Iraq. Among those hundreds of thousands of concerned people were a vocal contingent of Australians
As if to prove — yet again — the shallowness and absurdity of the "beauty" industry, the Sydney Morning Herald on March 4 announced that "designer pubic hair is in". The latest Gucci advertising campaign features a woman with her pubes waxed into
Around 35 high-school students, mainly from one high school, met outside a public library in Causarina and went on a vibrant, loud and fast paced march to the only university in Darwin chanting "Howard, Tony, USA — how many kids did you kill
BY SUE BULL GEELONG — At lunchtime on March 25, 400 workers walked off the job to oppose the war on Iraq. They gathered outside Geelong Trades Hall to hear speakers from many unions condemn the US-led slaughter. Andrea Maksimovic from the
BY WILL WILLIAMS WOLLONGONG — Participants in a 300-strong anti-war march and rally voted unanimously to support the students' strike planned for April 2. Many pledged to travel to Sydney to defend the right to protest against the war. Although
BY BRAVE BEAR ONTARIO — The US-led invasion of Iraq has raised huge questions and created deep confusion within both the population and the political and economic elite in Canada. The government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien has repeatedly
BY ALISON DELLIT On March 26, around 25,000 students skipped classes to hit the streets and protest against the horrendously unjust war on Iraq. Students braved police violence, and threats of it, parental disapproval and school repression to get
An Iraqi refugee, separated from his wife and children for more than three years, held in Port Hedland then Villawood detention centre, gave up hope of a life in Australia and agreed to return to Syria on February 28. A month before, he wrote a
A lack of skepticism toward official US sources has led prominent US corporate news networks into making embarrassing errors in their coverage of the US invasion of Iraq, particularly in relation to US claims that proof had been found that Iraq
BY VANESSA COUZENS BRISBANE — Permanency isn't a condition usually attributed to the situation of refugees residing in Australia on temporary protection visas. However, Permanent Links — an exhibition at the Black Peppers Gallery in
BY DAVE ANDREWS FREMANTLE — As the quadrennial elections for all full-time position in the Maritime Union of Australia looms, a serious challenge to the incumbents has emerged from the ranks of the union. The MUA Rank and File team is


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