BY SUE BULL GEELONG — When the building industry royal commission reported its findings on March 26, its major focus and attack on trade unionists surprised few construction workers in Geelong. They had always thought the commission was purely
BY KIRAZ JANICKE PERTH — About 1500 students rallied in Perth on March 26 as part of the national "Books Not Bombs" student strike against the war on Iraq. Students heard from Stuart Bunt, secretary of the UWA Branch of the National Tertiary
BY ZACK DE LA ROCHA Without just cause or reason, without legal or moral justification and without a thread of proof that Iraq directly threatens the security of the United States, the US government has headed to war. As I am writing this, bombs
BY JASON CAHILL BRISBANE — On March 26, Books Not Bombs rally continued the success of the March 5 action with students again turning out in large numbers to condemn the government racist war agenda. 600 people from three universities, four
BY STAN GOFF This hasn't been an easy time for US President George Bush and his killer clowns. It hasn't been an easy time for a lot of so-called liberals either. An anti-war movement has come onto the scene, and not just any anti-war movement.
BY ELISABETH KEAN As part of its response to the Palestinian intifada, the Israeli government's policy is to contain and control the Palestinian population in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Part of that policy is to construct impenetrable
Those who signed the Artists for Winning Without War statement include: Gillian Anderson, Ed Asner, Kim Basinger, Jackson Browne, Matt Damon, David Duchovny, Olympia Dukakis, Mike Farrell, Mia Farrow, Danny Glover, Ethan Hawke, Samuel L Jackson, Tea
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI PERTH — Students have been undeterred by the increased police attacks on anti-war protesters, vowing to demonstrate again on April 4. There have been many reports of police assaulting students and other demonstrators in
BY EVA CHENG Capitalists have been guaranteed new room to expand their interests by the National People's Congress (NPC) — China's parliament — during its annual session in Beijing on March 5-18. The assurances came amid hollow statements by
BY TUONG VI PHAM HANOI — The Vietnamese government condemned the US-British attack on Iraq in a statement released on March 20. It stated: "The action constitutes a gross violation of the fundamental principles of international law, including the
BY SUE BOLTON MELBOURNE — The release by commissioner Terence Cole of the royal commission into the building industry’s final 23-volume report showed decisively that this commission had nothing to do with fighting corruption, and everything
BY ALISON DELLIT “I’m not ashamed of my beliefs, nor of my role in organising students to protest against the war on Iraq. It’s those who support the slaughter of Iraqi people who should be ashamed”, Kylie Moon told Green Left Weekly. Moon
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