By Gosta Lynga In June 1991 the Swedish Parliament authorised the government to apply for membership in the European Community. Only the Green Party and the Left Party were unanimously against this decision. Since membership of the EC means
By Steve Painter The United Nations Earth Summit will be one of the largest political conferences ever, attended by around 100 heads of state and many more high government officials as well as about 30,000 delegates from around 160 countries.
By Monique Choy SYDNEY - While adults who work around lead are routinely screened for blood lead levels and precautions are taken to prevent lead poisoning, children are not protected or screened although they are more susceptible. Elizabeth
By Tracy Sorensen The international anti-Nestle boycott campaign is back. The first campaign, which ran from the early '70s until 1984, was one of the most successful and well known of its kind, bringing to the world's attention the company's
ADELAIDE - The 14th Dalai Lama, political and spiritual leader of Tibet, will visit Australia from April 29 to May 12, with one of his aims to publicise questions of human and national rights in Tibet, which has been occupied by China since 1949.
By Bill Mason BRISBANE - State legal centres held a stop-work meeting on the steps of the government executive building on April 23 following notification to legal centres of cuts of $500,000 to funding statewide. Despite a Labor Party
By Bill Mason BRISBANE - "Cameras perched on poles monitor the movement of thousands of passers-by. "Speaking your mind here can cost you dearly, as much as a week's wage. "Only the select few can express themselves here, with the
By Reihana Mohideen The plunge in the Tokyo stock market has dealt the banking sector some of the hardest blows. Banks' stock prices have fallen roughly twice as much as the average. Bank shares have fallen 28% in April alone. Shares in the
While the US and British governments continue to undermine the credibility of the United Nations by using it as a vehicle for their political vendetta against the Libyan government, Time magazine and the Pan Am company have come up with evidence
By Liam Mitchell ADELAIDE - The state government, faced with growing resentment over its plan to reduce public transport in order to save money, has been forced to back down. But its latest proposal aims at making the drivers pay for retaining
By Craig Cormick Following the recent nuclear power station accident at Sosnovyi Bor near Saint Petersburg in Russia, global confidence in nuclear power continues to decline, as do the number of power stations being built. Yet in Asia, the
By Adam Novak PRAGUE - Czecho-Slovakia is slowly disintegrating under the impact of contrary forces. In Slovakia, there is a radicalisation against the restoration of capitalism. On the other hand, there is a growing willingness of the Czech
In 1961, Raul Macias a 16-year-old secondary student from Santiago, Cuba, went to the Sierra Maestra mountains to teach the peasants to read and write. "We were teachers but we were also students learning about life from the peasants, about how
Aidex - 1 Aidex was an important event for the Left in Australia. Green Left's coverage of Aidex has been overwhelmingly negative and some articles even argue the violence at Aidex was caused by demonstrators. Many people at Aidex and on
By Geoff Spencer PERTH - About 100 construction workers were exposed for three hours to a liquefied petroleum gas leak here recently. The workers eventually walked off the job complaining of giddiness, stinging eyes and sore throats, despite
By Will Firth BERLIN - "Wir sind das Volk", chanted hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in cities throughout the GDR (East Germany) in late 1989, letting the ruling socialist Unity Party (SED) bureaucrats know that "the people" was more than


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