SYDNEY — Friends of the Earth and the Movement Against Uranium Mining organised a picket of the offices of uranium miner ERA on April 26, the sixth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster (see page 18). Photograph by Jenny Long.
Cosi By Louis Nowra Directed by Adam Cook Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen and Angela Matheson How could you go wrong? Louis Nowra breathes new life into that now thoroughly worked-over period in Australian history -
By John Tully MELBOURNE - Supporters of the Irish Republican movement commemorated the 76th anniversary of the Easter Rebellion against British rule at Melbourne general cemetery. The 70-strong crowd marched on April 19 to the graves of
By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE - Outgoing officials of the Queensland Transport Workers Union awarded themselves pay-outs totalling more than $500,000 just a week before a newly elected administration took control. Some estimates put the amount at
By Irina Glushchenko and Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW - As the Russian economy crumbles, unemployment is making a big comeback. And to an even greater extent than in the west, the first to suffer are women. According to research by the Union of
By Peggy Hallward In the preparations for the celebrations commemorating the 500th anniversary of Columbus' landing in the Caribbean, over 120,000 people were evicted from their homes in the Dominican Republic. It was an appropriate gesture.
By Richard Jones The Metherell Affair will almost certainly be the final nail in the coffin of the Greiner-Murray government. Whilst it is unlikely that a vote of no confidence will be successful within the next two weeks of parliamentary
On the bright side "There are no specific allegations against me of either corruption or illegality and I look forward to carrying on with the job." — Terry Metherell after the announcement of an Independent Commission Against Corruption
By Norm Dixon Australians concerned about the deteriorating health and human rights situation on the besieged island of Bougainville have formed a network to gather vital supplies and ship them there. A three-year military blockade of
Labor, Prosperity and the Nineties: Beyond the Bonsai Economy By Michael Costa and Mark Duffy Federation Press. 201 pp. $25 Politics and the Accord By Peter Ewer et al Pluto Press. 190 pp. $16.95 Reviewed by Mike Rafferty Steve Painter's


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