BY NICK SOUDAKOFF On February 12, the Philippines government renewed its military offensive against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Three-thousand government troops, backed up by air force bombers, helicopter gunships, artillery and
BY STEVE O'BRIEN NEWCASTLE — The Socialist Alliance has decided not to stand against Progressive Labor Party member Harry Williams in the seat of Newcastle in the March 22 NSW election. The PLP failed to gain state electoral registration and
BY ROHAN PEARCE A February 20 report by CBS News has revealed that United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq consider US "intelligence" — like that presented by US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Security Council on February 5 — to be
March on International Women's Day BRISBANE — The International Women's Day collective is expecting a large turnout for this year's IWD rally and march on March 8. The theme is "Women demanding peace and justice". Meetings to organise the
BY SUE BOLTON Over the past four weeks, several trade unions have passed motions to take stop work action against the threatened war on Iraq. Mobilising the ranks of the unions, the largest organisations of working people, will be crucial
LONDON — A communique issued by political organisations active in northen Iraq on February 23 condemned the planned Turkish-US invasion of northern Iraq (South Kurdistan). "There is no justification for invading South Kurdistan... for the sake of
BY AMANDA ZIVCIC Dr Margaret Perrott, the Socialist Alliance candidate for the Wollongong seat of Throsby in the March 22 NSW election, has a long history as a campaigner for peace and social justice. “Socialists, by their very definition,
Sect outlook In her discussion article in GLW #526, presenting the Freedom Socialist Party's view of the future of the Socialist Alliance, Alison Thorne argues that the SA cannot become a vehicle for regroupment of the socialist left into a united,
Only a crime if Iraqi generals do it "It is important for the Iraqi leadership and Iraqi generals to clearly understand that if they take innocent life, if they destroy infrastructure, they will be held to account as war criminals." — George "The
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS CANBERRA — The idea of a mass national convergence in Canberra on March 23-24 has caught the imagination of many anti-war activists. The proposed mass demonstration will coincide with federal parliament's last week of


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