BRISBANE — On March 1, 200 anti-war protesters marched from the inner-city suburb of West End to King George Square in the city, where a rally was being held to greet the newly established Peace Embassy. The march and rally were initiated by
BY JAMES BALOWSKI JAKARTA — On February 24, hundreds of demonstrators from the People's Democratic Party (PRD) took action against US plans to attack Iraq. The demonstration began at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout in central Jakarta then
BY JEFF SHANTZ TORONTO — February 15 marked the Canadian anti-war movement's impressive growth. In Toronto, Canada's largest city, between 30,000 and 50,000 people braved bitter cold and icy winds to assert their unconditional opposition to war
BY LAUREN CARROLL HARRIS SYDNEY — “I believe that young people will be especially affected by the war, and that is one of the reasons why opposition to the war among youth and students is so strong”, Karol Florek told Green Left Weekly.
BY PETER BOYLE GLASGOW — The Scottish Socialist Party may win up to eight candidates in the May 1 elections for the Scottish parliament. At the very least, sole SSP parliamentarian Tommy Sheridan told the annual SSP conference on February
In a revelation that "raises questions about whether the [weapons of mass destruction] stockpiles attributed to Iraq still exist", Newsweek's March 3 issue reported that the Iraqi weapons chief who defected from the regime in 1995 told UN inspectors
University shuts down anti-war stalls BY SAM KING BRISBANE — Queensland University of Technology (QUT) used police to shut down an "unauthorised" anti-war campaigning stall on its Kelvin Grove campus on February 19. Police threatened activists
BY TAMARA PEARSON HARARE — At 8am, people here wait in long queues for the shops and banks to open. Milk is scarce, and salt and oil can only be obtained at ridiculous prices on the black market. Cars form 1-kilometre-long queues for
Already this year, dozens of groups have been formed on high schools, organising students to protest against war on Iraq and the accompanying slaughter of the Iraqi people. The socialist youth organisation Resistance has put together some
BY ERIC RUDER& MELANIE WILKINSON CHICAGO — Some 300 students from 100 US campuses gathered in Chicago on the February 22-23 weekend to hold the first national conference of the Campus Anti-war Network (CAN). CAN decided on its points of unity,


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