Hellfire Now that John Howard has seen the results of the conflagration in the ACT where hundreds of homes, public health laboratories, a fire station, a sewerage treatment plant and a high school have been destroyed perhaps he has developed an
500 march in Bendigo BY KERRYN WILLIAMS According to the Bendigo Advertiser, on January 31 more than 500 people joined a rally against war on Iraq, marching through the town's streets in "scenes reminiscent of the anti-war-in-Vietnam rallies of
Meeting discusses crisis in Venezuela SYDNEY — On January 31, 120 people gathered at Trades Hall to hear Socialist Alliance activist Jorge Jorquera speak on the political situation in Venezuela. The meeting was organised by Committees in
[The following is a model motion for trade unionists on action against a war on Iraq. It is being circulated by members of the Socialist Alliance. If your union or workplace adopts it, please inform the Socialist Alliance at
And we'll keep doing it in the 21st "Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of great nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the weak and intimidate the world." — George Bush, in his State of the
Living conditions for Iraqi women deteriorated dramatically after the 1991 Gulf War. US-enforced sanctions have wrecked Iraq's economy, depriving people of everything from medical supplies and school textbooks to the European beauty products that are
BY SARAH STEPHEN A war on Iraq would create an unparalleled humanitarian crisis and generate a massive outflow of refugees, according to a confidential United Nations High Commission for Refugees document leaked in January. The UNHCR document
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI PERTH — Unions WA affiliates met on February 4 to discuss the Western Australian union movement’s reaction to the looming war on Iraq. The meeting unanimously adopted a strong anti-war position and decided to encourage
BY MATT PRESTON GLASGOW — Tens of thousands of Scots anticipate giving British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair a warm welcome on February 15. Scotland is set to become one of the pivotal points of protest against the impending war on Iraq.
Last month, Iraq delivered to the United Nations a 12,000-page report denying it had weapons of mass destruction. Knowing President George Bush does not have the attention span to read such a large document, the Iraqis also provided a confidential


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