SYDNEY — Imagine you're on the TV set of a Sydney soapie — fast paced, full of conflict, emotion and energy. That describes A Moment on the Lips. The play is written by Jonathan Gavin and features Nicole Winkler, Susan Godfrey, Kirrily White,
BY RALF SCHARMANN DARWIN — Traditional owners in several Top End communities have offered sanctuary to 84 Darwin-based East Timorese asylum seekers who are facing deportation. Marie Munkara, traditional owner of Cape Fourcroy on Bathurst Island
500 protest in the ACT BY MARK ABBERTON CANBERRA — On January 31, 500 people participated in rally opposing a war on Iraq. The protest was called by an ACT Network Opposing War (ACTNOW) public meeting on January 23. Bob Douglas from
REVIEW BY KATHY NEWNAM 8 MileDirected by Curtis HansonWritten by Scott SilverStarring Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy, Mekhi Phifer, Eugene ByrdAt major cinemas "This world is mine for the takingMake me king, as we move toward a new world
BY JULES GREEN HOBART — Even before the year's first meeting of the Hobart Peace Coalition was held on February 2, the city's umbrella anti-war organisation, organised and spontaneous expressions of anti-war sentiment have mushroomed. Despite
Rail workers in Motherwell, near Glasgow, have underlined why they refused on January 8 to move a train carrying ammunition for use against Iraq. At a meeting of their Associated Society of Locomotive Enginneers and Firemen (ASLEF) branch soon after,
BY STEVE CAMPBELL PERTH — Since a 2500-strong anti-war, anti-militarism protest against the sea swap agreement on January 19, the campaign against war in Iraq has continued to gather momentum in WA. The sea swap agreement between Australia and
BY JIM GREEN ADELAIDE — Campaign Against Nuclear Dumping was launched on January 31 in opposition to the federal government's plan for a national radioactive waste dump near Woomera in the centre-north of South Australia. The campaign will
BY JOHN PILGER Strange days in Australia. "Paranoia in the lucky country", say the headlines in Sydney, "Terror threat grips a nation". The government led by Prime Minister John Howard has issued full-page advertisements calling on Australians to
BY LEE SUSTAR PORTO ALEGRE — At the first World Social Forum (WSF) in 2001, delegates assembled to challenge the elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with a live debate via videoconference. "[T]he best gift that the 2000 corporate
BY ORLANDO SEPULVEDA PORTO ALEGRE — Brazilian President Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva spoke to tens of thousands of people at the World Social Forum (WSF) on January 25. It was the first time that Lula, a former factory worker and union leader,


US President George Bush used his highly stage-managed State of the Union address on January 28 to put the argument that not going to war against Iraq is a more dangerous option than going to war. The fact that a full-scale US-led war against Iraq
BY KELLIA RAMARES Even as US President George Bush threatens to invade Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein is hiding biological weapons, Washington is hypocritically expanding its own biowarfare research programs. The US government plans to
BY NORM DIXON The Global Security Newswire on January 28 revealed that the US Army trained 19 Iraqi military officers in the United States in offensive and defensive chemical, biological and radiological warfare from 1957 to 1967. The information
SYDNEY — At 8am on January 31, Dean Jefferys and Marlene Obeid scaled the Sydney Opera House to display three huge banners in protest at the Australian government's support for a US attack on Iraq. The banners read: "No war against Iraq, No
Or had one too many? "[Author David] Frum describes a meeting in the Oval Office last September with five clergymen... 'You know', Bush told them, 'I had a drinking problem. Right now I should be in a bar in Texas, not the Oval Office. There is


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