BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — The Sydney International Women's Day Collective, which has been meeting since November last year, has voted overwhelmingly to organise an IWD march and rally on March 8 around the theme of "Peace, Justice, Diversity,
BY STUART MUNCKTON "We have burnt our boats. There is no turning back", Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared in a national broadcast on January 6. "We will carry on consolidating and deepening the revolution", the radical pro-poor president
BY MALIK MIAH SAN FRANCISCO — In the largest anti-war protest since the peace marches of the Vietnam War era, some 200,000 people filled the streets here on January 18. Demanding "No war against Iraq", the demonstrators were a representative
BY JODY BETZIEN MELBOURNE — A showdown between the Victorian Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and construction giant Grocon has been averted at the final hour. On January 19, a stop-work meeting of 600 Grocon workers
BY RUTH RATCLIFFE DARWIN — "We come to work standing, walking and talking, but with the current safety conditions, we could leave work in a pine box", the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) organiser Alan Paton, told Green Left Weekly. Workers on
Bright spark "He rang me Wednesday morning. The first thing we talked about was the bushfires. He didn't like the name bushfires. He said can't you call them natural fires. I said that's a bit hard, George. We're very used to the bush here. He said
BY BRUCE MARLOWE "Major national resources, including use of the military, should be urgently allocated to fighting the current bushfire crisis, instead of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on sending troops to support the US war against
Interesting Times: A Twentieth Century LifeBy Eric HobsbawmAllen Lane, 2002448 pages, $55 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON It was almost better than sex, thought Eric Hobsbawm during the massive but last legal march of the German Communist Party (KPD)
BY ROHAN PEARCE The wave of global anti-war protests on January 18 was a massive show of opposition by the world's working people — in particular those in the United States — to a US war on Iraq. The protests also signal that the US
BY JEFF SHANTZ TORONTO — Despite the Canadian state's proud role as junior partner to US imperialism and the federal government's repeated statements of loyalty to Washington's war efforts, the anti-war movement in Canada had been slow off the


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