BY EVA CHENG In November, Bangkok-based Focus on the Global South launched a useful 60-page expose of the dirty tricks that rich countries use to get their way within the World Trade Organisation. Power Politics of the WTO is based on extensive
BY CHRIS LATHAM PERTH - On December 8, more than 1000 people rallied in Perth to oppose the impending war in Iraq. Organised by the NOWAR Alliance, the protest demanded: no war on Iraq; no Australian support for war; an end to sanctions on Iraq;
MANILA — Some 20,000 militant workers, together with the urban poor and student youth, celebrated National Heroes Day on November 30 with a vow to “continue Gat Andres Bonifacio's struggle by resisting imperialist globalisation and war”.
BY NICK FREDMAN The Terrorism (Police Powers) Bill 2002, passed on December 4 by the NSW parliament, is a serious threat to democratic rights. It builds on increasing police powers granted by previous Labor and Coalition administrations, and shows
BY SARAH STEPHEN On November 20, arch-reactionary Christian fundamentalist NSW MP Fred Nile seized the opportunity presented by the federal government's vague warnings of terrorist threats to raise "concerns" that the Muslim chador (religious
BY PETER BOYLE In real political terms the most important development in the November 30 Victorian election was the doubling of the Greens' vote — to 9.2% in the lower house and 10.3% in the upper house — and their beating the Liberals to win
BY SARAH STEPHEN A Tunisian asylum seeker held in Woomera detention centre faces "voluntary" deportation to Syria in late December, along with two Palestinian men. They are the latest victims of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and
BY ROHAN PEARCE Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US rulers hoped that by whipping up mass patriotism and fuelling fears of “terrorist” attacks, they could finally overcome the “Vietnam syndrome”. However, evidence is mounting,
Prime Minister John Howard's December 1 statement in an interview on Channel Nine's Sunday program that his government would launch pre-emptive military attacks on neighbouring countries to stop any suspected terrorist strike on Australia has
BY PAUL CLARKE LONDON — Britain's firefighters are locked in a bitter battle over pay and conditions with British Prime Minister Tony Blair's right-wing New Labour government. The struggle has been dubbed by some commentators "Blair's miners'


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