WA criticised on land rights By Leon Harrison PERTH — A University of Western Australia law professor, Richard Bartlett, has criticised the WA government's record on returning Aboriginal land as the worst in Australia. He was speaking
By Tracy Sorensen Peace and environment activists have hailed as a major victory the French government's announcement on April 9 that it would suspend nuclear testing in the Pacific for a year. Stephanie Mills, who led Greenpeace's recent
Oil for Cuba MEXICO CITY, April 3 — The Mexican solidarity campaign "Va por Cuba" is seeing off a shipment of some 80,000 litres of diesel fuel to the island this Sunday. The gesture marks the beginning of a series of oil donations from
Kev Carmody launches new single By Dave Wright Kev Carmody, one of Australia's top singer/songwriters, launched the new single from his excellent Eulogy (For a Black Person) album at Sydney's Harbourside Brasserie before a very appreciative
By Steve Painter Campaigning on its most right-wing platform ever, the British Labour Party lost the April 9 elections after leading the Tories in opinion polls by up to 20% just before the replacement of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. In
Brian Martin Many people believe that Australian military forces are necessary to defend against an invasion from Indonesia. But there's a much better way to eliminate the alleged Indonesian military threat: support people's opposition to the
CANBERRA — More than 40 writers and supporters gathered on the lawns outside the Indonesian Embassy on April 5, in support of fellow writers and protesters in East Timor and other countries suffering abuses of human rights. Among the writers
ISO's open letter I notice the International Socialist Organisation is circulating an open letter accusing Green Left of writing off the Aidex protests. This prompted me to look back over your reports, as during the action you were supportive
Nuclear margin "There's always a margin for error in these clean out procedures and a skilled worker will know how to exploit these to remove material. The company will never know whether it was lost or deliberately diverted." — Paul
Action updates BRISBANE — One hundred students marched through the city on April 7 in protest against inadequate Austudy payments and cutbacks to tertiary education. The rally was organised by the Students Against Cutbacks inter-campus


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