Melbourne will host a national conference on Cuba on May 9-10. Convened by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, the conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the situation in Cuba today and what Australians can do to help Cuba to maintain its
By Christoph Meyer We must not row the canoe — this is Gewai and Sowegi's task; we are guests. We sit on the platform of the outrigger doing nothing, while the mangroves at the edge of the lagoon pass endlessly. The tropical midday sun is
By Mike Karadjis Four women have been arrested in Athens for handing out leaflets supporting self-determination for the Macedonian people and opposing the chauvinist hysteria which has gripped Greece in recent months. The four were handing
By Laszlo Andor BUDAPEST — Following persistent attempts by the ruling Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) to concentrate more power in its own hands, key figures in the Hungarian liberal intelligentsia signed a Democratic Charter summarising
By Charlie Brady It should be known in about three weeks whether exhibits which helped to convict Ray and Peter Mickelberg of the 1982 Perth Mint swindle were fabricated. Last month, WA Chief Justice David Malcolm ruled that it was "in the
Dr Andrew Katelaris Give hemp a chance The first European Conference on Industrial Crops was held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in November. One of the main items discussed was the Dutch government's hemp project. This is investigating the
By Kevin Healy It was a week when Phil Cleary won the Wills by-election, but absolutely nobody lost. Even though both the Coalition candidate, Mr Delacrumb, and the socialist candidate, Mr Couldamissedus, both knew from the outset that they
Beyond Interdependence. The meshing of the world's economy and the earth's ecology By Jim MacNeill, Pieter Winsemius and Taizo Yakushiji Oxford University Press 159pp. $13.95 Reviewed by Steve Painter With such a title it's obvious the
An Irish hero At Easter 76 years ago in Dublin, Irish Republican rebels declared independence, hoisted the tricolour flag over the GPO and fought courageously for a week to defend their dream of a free and socially just Ireland. One of the
By Peter M. Sales Corazon Aquino was swept into office six years ago on the crest of an amazing People Power uprising in the Philippines. But the upcoming election provides stark evidence that the system has not been overhauled. Opportunities
A secret US Navy document instructs commanders that they may not need to contact all the relevant authorities, like foreign governments, when a nuclear-powered vessel has an accident in a foreign port. The document, "OPNAVINST 3040.5B, Nuclear
Faith, Hope and Psychotherapy Written and performed by Liz Sadler Directed by Kirsten von Bibra Courthouse Theatre, Carlton, until April 19 Mistress Written by Tobsha Learner Performed by Michele Williams Directed by Rose Clemente Anthill
Editorial: Terrorism and the Iranian embassy Sections of the media have referred to the April 6 raid on the Iranian embassy as an example of terrorism, with the implication that Australian "security" organisations should be strengthened. Several
By Jack Colhoun WASHINGTON — A congressional investigation has revealed that backing by key Bush administration officials for arms shipments to Iraq before the Gulf War may have been in pursuit of the officials' private interests. House
Talking union ADELAIDE — The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has placed green bans on the development of a sand dune site in Tennyson to prevent its sale by the government. The site is zoned residential, but residents say it
By Mark Dalton BRISBANE — Christy Moore is one of a handful of artists not afraid to make a statement about the wrongs he sees. His songs span many aspects of life, from great traditional ballads like "Lord Baker" and "Little Musgrave" to his


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