REVIEW BY IGGY KIM Abducting DianaWritten by Dario FoDirected and adapted by Shane MorganWith Hayley Buckley, Martin Viski, Moira Hunt, Mark Duffy, Mandy Thomas, Joanne Trentini and Shaun ParkerPlaying at the New Theatre, Sydney, until August 31
BY JONATHAN STRAUSS SYDNEY — In NSW in the 2001 federal election the swing against the ALP was twice the national average. Federal Labor's posture as pro-worker and a defender of public services such as schools and hospitals could not hold
BY NORM DIXON The Australian government has the dubious distinction of being one of only three governments — along with Britain and Israel — to have unconditionally endorsed the United States' impending invasion of Iraq. Washington is
BY ALLEN MYERS PHNOM PENH — A showing of John Pilger's documentary film The New Rulers of the World drew a crowd of more than 200 people on the evening of July 24. The showing, sponsored by the Foreign Journalists Club of Cambodia, was
BY SUSAN AUSTIN CAIRNS — A meeting of health union delegates and members on August 7 launched a campaign committee to organise the intensifying health workers' industrial dispute. This followed a similar meeting the week before which voted to
BY JONATHAN STRAUSS Around a thousand people participated in rallies across the country commemorating the 57th anniversary of the US nuclear attacks on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II. In Sydney, some 500
BY KERRIE BARRON CANBERRA — A library display highlighting the plight of asylum seekers was removed on August 9 after it prompted a violent response. The Refugee Action Collective (RAC) was asked to pack up its display because library
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — More than 200 people, including representatives of Indigenous groups from all over Queensland, protested in the Roma Street Forum on August 3 against the state Labor government's compensation offer on the "stolen wages"
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NAURU — I am an Afghan asylum seeker from Nauru camp. I am writing this letter hoping that you would understand and help us. About nine months ago the Australian government brought us to Nauru Island and put us in a very bad camp called
A blue-print to shift further right After six months of hoopla, the much-anticipated review of the ALP's structures was released on August 9. The document is part distraction — proposing minor changes to make the party appear more
BY JIM McILROY BRISBANE — Centrelink, the federal government's social payment delivery agency, is demanding that its staff agree to work seven days a week at standard pay. Workers would be rostered as required by management, rather than
BY ERTUGRUL KURKCU ISTANBUL — Top Pentagon brass may have doubts about the feasibility of the circulating war plans for Iraq, but George Bush's envoys have convinced Turkish decision-makers that a US military operation to overthrow Saddam
BY BILL NEVINS Steve Earle has always been intrigued by fighters, and by the reasons why they fight. He has championed union organisers, the impoverished, death-row inmates and indigenous rights activists. As one of America's most prominent
Strikebreaking and Intimidation: Mercenaries and Masculinity in Twentieth-Century AmericaBy Stephen H. NorwoodUniversity of North Carolina Press/Chapel Hill, 2002328 pp, $50 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON On 26 May, 1937, United Automobile Workers
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — The mood among the 52 delegates, representing nine NSW Socialist Alliance branches, was confident while tinged with a sense of urgency, when they gathered for the alliance's state conference on August 3. The


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