BY MARIA VOUKELATOS BRISBANE — On July 18, a 1500-strong rally of health workers marched to Parliament House demanding fair wages and conditions. Solidarity stop-work meetings happened simultaneously at major health centres across the
The party's over "In order for us to have the security we all want, America must get rid of the hangover that we now have as a result of the binge, the economic binge we just went through. We were in a land of — there was endless profit, there
BY MAX LANE  JAKARTA — The Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) launched its new newspaper, Pembebasan (Liberation) at a public meeting held at the Jakarta Media Centre on July 11. Almost 400 people packed the auditorium for a lively
REVIEW BY TYRION PERKINS Louder Than War: the Manic Street Preachers Live in Cuba DVD featuring the Manic Street PreachersSony MusicKnow Your EnemyManic Street PreachersSony Music "I suppose we're making history because of the trade sanctions
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — President Megawati Sukarnoputri's support within her Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) is falling as she increasingly associates with the political figures from the era of the Suharto dictatorship. Almost
BY ALISON DELLIT The US-style deregulated health-care system, with no universal guarantee of care, is what awaits Australia if the federal government has its way. That would be a disaster. Despite it’s so-called “efficient” system of
and ain't i a woman: The Bandit Queen July 25 marks the first anniversary of the murder of Phoolan Devi, who became known as India's "Bandit Queen". After completing it in 1995, Devi described her autobiography, I, Phoolan Devi: "It is an
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[The following statement was issued by the Johannesburg Anti-Privatisation Forum, which unites working-class and poor communities struggling against water and electricity cut-offs and evictions which flow from the neo-liberal economic policies of the
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — The record vote for the Greens in the July 20 Tasmanian election indicates there has been a swing to the left in the electoral arena. At the close of counting on July 20, the Greens had won four lower-house seats. The
BY JASON CAHILL & NICOLE HOYE BRISBANE — In August 1999, the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority quietly lifted a 10-year ban on food irradiation. The impact of that decision is now being felt as a food irradiation facility is being
Save women’s studies at Deakin University! GEELONG — Despite a 20-year history of strong enrolments and a national and international reputation, Deakin University’s women’s studies program is about to be gutted. More than 800 students