On October 18, a leaky 19-metre Indonesian fishing boat, with a capacity of 150 passengers, picked up more than 400 asylum seekers from Lampung to make the journey to Christmas Island. A few hours out to sea, the boat started leaking and capsized
The survival and growth of Green Left Weekly can be attributed to the commitment of those who support it, including those who distribute the paper in their local areas. If you can take some copies of GLW to distribute in your area, please call
500th issue Australian solidarity messages Congratulations to Green Left Weekly, our robust, people-produced, streetwise and ethical alternative source of news and views, in a dangerously censored world. Best wishes for the next 5000 editions, at
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalisation, Corporate Cons and High Finance FraudstersBy Greg PalastPluto Press, 2002211 pages, $59.95 (hb) Ultra-right millionaire and
UN award for Tampa seafarers Wilhelmsen Line and the crew of the MV Tampa have jointly won a $100,000 award from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for rescue on the high seas. The Tampa's crew and owner were given the award for
BY KATHY FAIRFAX SYDNEY — Husaini Hasan, chairperson of the Government Council of the Free Acheh Movement (MPGAM), told a meeting on July 11 that his people's struggle for a referendum would not be realised without international solidarity.
Fond Memories of Cuba A documentary by David BradburyScreening at Valhalla Cinema, Sydney. Opens at the Schonell Cinema, Brisbane, July 18; Nova Cinema, Melbourne, July 25; and the Electric Shadows Cinema, Canberra, late July. REVIEW BY KIM
BY DAVID BACON IMMOKALEE — If a small union of Florida farmworkers has its way, the nasal voice of the famous Chihuahua will be saying, "No quiero Taco Bell" (I don't want Taco Bell) on college campuses across the United States. For almost a
BY ANDY GIANNIOTIS HOBART — Two green left parties are contesting the Tasmanian state elections to be held here on July 20. Both launched their campaigns in the week following the close of nominations. The Socialist Alliance launched its
BY NORM DIXON The national strike by the more than 110,000 members of the South African Municipal Workers Union entered its second week on July 9. In the face of mass arrests, police violence and a slander campaign by the capitalist media, South
BY EVA CHENG Even before news of the latest corporate scams exploded in late June, the London-based Economist on May 18 published a 20-page defence of capitalism. The article began with the claim that "the capitalist system has proved surprisingly
[The following call to action was issued by Public Servants for Refugees, a network initiated by Andrew Hall, a Canberra public servant. Since then, Public Servants for Refugees networks have spread from the ACT to NSW and Victoria. The networks can
Zionism Philip Mendes contribution to the debate on the Israel/Palestine dispute is typical of the Israeli public relations machine. Ceaselessly and selectively dragging up past Palestinian transgressions. Maybe the Mufti of Jerusalem
BY NORM DIXON Residents in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha (near Cape Town), rebelled on July 8 in response to a raid by police and municipal officials. Community anger boiled over when a council sheriff attempted to repossess an elderly pensioner's
BY SUE BOLTON Why would Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary Doug Cameron be trying to get rid of Craig Johnston, the AMWU's Victorian branch secretary, when this branch has been more successful than any other branches at
Museworthy: Afton Blommor (Evening Flower) for Par Lagerkvist You asked our questionsWhen we could not have asked themBecause we did not know what would fulfil usBecause we did not know what to askThat you were forgotten is rightThat what you


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