BY NORM DIXON The national strike by the more than 110,000 members of the South African Municipal Workers Union entered its second week on July 9. In the face of mass arrests, police violence and a slander campaign by the capitalist media, South
BY EVA CHENG Even before news of the latest corporate scams exploded in late June, the London-based Economist on May 18 published a 20-page defence of capitalism. The article began with the claim that "the capitalist system has proved surprisingly
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, was 27 years old when he became chairperson of the Indonesian National Party in the 1920s. Mohammed Hatta was a similar age when he took over the leadership of the nationalist
Zionism Philip Mendes contribution to the debate on the Israel/Palestine dispute is typical of the Israeli public relations machine. Ceaselessly and selectively dragging up past Palestinian transgressions. Maybe the Mufti of Jerusalem
BY NORM DIXON Residents in Mandela Park, Khayelitsha (near Cape Town), rebelled on July 8 in response to a raid by police and municipal officials. Community anger boiled over when a council sheriff attempted to repossess an elderly pensioner's
[The following call to action was issued by Public Servants for Refugees, a network initiated by Andrew Hall, a Canberra public servant. Since then, Public Servants for Refugees networks have spread from the ACT to NSW and Victoria. The networks can
Museworthy: Afton Blommor (Evening Flower) for Par Lagerkvist You asked our questionsWhen we could not have asked themBecause we did not know what would fulfil usBecause we did not know what to askThat you were forgotten is rightThat what you
Make Tasmania a refugee safe haven. End mandatory detention. Jobs not profits. A shorter working week with no loss in pay. Nationalise under workers' and community control companies that threaten mass sackings. Abolish youth wages. A massive
BY SUE BOLTON Why would Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary Doug Cameron be trying to get rid of Craig Johnston, the AMWU's Victorian branch secretary, when this branch has been more successful than any other branches at
BY TODD CHRETIEN The killing of two demonstrators by police on June 26 has sent political shock waves through Argentina. The murders took place in an industrial suburb of Buenos Aires, where activists of the militant unemployed movement — known


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