Museworthy: Tampa: For the DrowningWho Were Watched The air's carcass lieson the earth's bright back. A newborn baby has been introducedto waterand waggles its headlike an ocean bird. This is the day coming after the oneon which we gave
BY ALLEN JENNINGS The May 26 election of Alvaro Uribe Velez as Colombia's next president represents a watershed in both Colombia's and the United States' approach to the country's spiralling discontent and four decades of armed insurgency. The
BY DAVE RILEY At the heart of the current medical insurance crisis is the private health-care system. Without specialist doctors on call and guaranteed liability coverage, private health care — much praised by successive Labor and Coalition
Final frontier "Several big Japanese builders have set up divisions for moon-based-construction research. Shimizu Construction Corp, for instance, has been studying plans for lunar tennis courts and golf courses." — Wall Street Journal, May 24.
BY JOE CRAIG DUBLIN — In late March, Sinn Fein launched its campaign for the May 17 Irish general election with a rally in Dublin's Gresham Hotel, at the same time as the Irish Labour Party was holding its conference. While Sinn Fein was keen
BY KAMALA EMANUEL  HOBART — Four hundred nurses rallied on the Parliament House lawns on May 25 to protest the failure of the state Labor government to live up to an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) under which all nurses with
REVIEW BY IGGY KIM Spinning Into ButterWritten by Rebecca GilmanDirected by Adam CookEnsemble Theatre, SydneyMay 17-June 29 US playwright Rebecca Gilman's feted work, Spinning Into Butter, is an unabashed self-examination of racial prejudice in
BY ELIZABETH SCHULTE Maybe there is a god. Five years ago, the Fox network introduced Ally McBeal — a show focused on the wacky antics of the self-absorbed Harvard law graduate and her coworkers at a high-powered Boston law firm. TV audiences
BY EVA CHENG The rulers of India and Pakistan — both nuclear-armed allies of Washington in the US-led "war on terrorism" — are terrorising each other with the threat of nuclear war. The Pentagon estimates that a full-scale nuclear exchange
[On May 31, Greens Senator Bob Brown told ABC radio that he would consider helping the government to sell the remaining third of Telstra if the government was prepared to end old growth logging. Later that day, a press statement from Brown's
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BY TONY ILTIS MELBOURNE — A non-violent blockade of a meeting featuring immigration minister Philip Ruddock, extreme right-wing Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt and anti-immigration academic Bob Birrell was violently attacked by police in front
BY JESS MELVIN MELBOURNE — On the morning of May 30, I and fellow high school Resistance activist James Crafti stood before a judge at Melbourne Children's Court. The case followed our arrest for trespass while protesting for refugee rights
Israel I Boaz Magal (Write On, GLW #493) makes several correct criticism of Israel, but then tries to salvage some legitimacy for the Zionist state by saying, "there is no other place the Jews really can call home". If this is true, how do you
BY EVA CHENG Anticipating he would not be able to get parliamentary approval for a six-month extension of the state of emergency in place since November 2001, on May 22 Nepalese Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba dissolved the parliament and called
BY FELICITY MEAKINS KATHERINE — This year the Katherine Regional Stolen Generation committee chose to rename Sorry Day — May 25 — "Healing Day", in a move intended to highlight that reconciliation begins, not finishes, with an apology.


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