BY TIM ANDERSON The "war on terrorism" is the big lie of the 21st century. It has nothing to do with a civil defence against people who fly planes into buildings. Before September 11, there were already laws against that in almost every country on
The rise and fall of the Pankhursts The Pankhursts By Martin Pugh Allen Lane, Penguin Press, 2001 537 pages, $49.95 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON What foul crimes did this family commit? Emmeline and her daughters — Christabel,
BY NEW YORK TRANSFER NEWS COLLECTIVE NEW YORK — The administration of US President George Bush lumped Cuba into its “war on terrorism” on May 6 — placing the country on a second-tier “axis of evil” list with Syria and Libya. The US
BY EVA CHENG Hard on the heels of the US House of Representatives' May 2 approval of a bill containing a mammoth US$249 billion, six-year package of farm subsidies, the US Senate endorsed the legislation on May 8. US President George Bush has given
BY BUSTER SOUTHERLY ABC TV's Media Watch on May 6 revealed that the Melbourne Age refused to publish a cartoon drawn by Michael Leunig that was critical of Israel's war against the Palestinians. The first panel of the cartoon shows a Jewish
BY EVA CHENG Four of Pakistan's oppressed national groups — the Sindhi, Pashtuns, Baluchi and Seraiki — are joining forces to oppose their domination by the Punjabi ruling class. In Sydney to attend the second Asia Pacific Solidarity
and ain't I a woman: US 'aid' used to deny right to choose What does the United States government have to do with deciding whether women in Nepal can access safe abortion services? Well, everything. Even though the sovereign state of Nepal
BY SARAH STEPHEN The New Zealand government announced on May 6 that it would accept 140 refugees — 71 Afghans and 69 Iraqis— to ease pressure on United Nations refugee camps in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Nauru. Fourteen of the refugees
In Italy, one man with wealth valued at over $25 billion has major influence over 90% of all television stations. He also owns newspapers, magazines and video outlets. Now, he is running a campaign to strip away the rights of Italian workers. This
Kautsar, chairperson of the Acehnese Peoples Democratic Resistance Front (FPDRA), attended the second Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference in April to build support for the Acehnese people's struggle for self-determination. Kautsar spoke
BY JON LAND On the eve of East Timor's independence on May 20, the crucial issue of the Timor Gap has still to be fully resolved. East Timor may lose billions of dollars in oil and gas royalties if the Australian government and the large
The Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggles (FNPBI), the militant trade union federation, organised mass actions across the country on May 1. Pro-democracy groups joined the workers' rallies. The workers' demands included legalising
Embrace the ChaosOzomatliInterscope Records REVIEWED BY MARGARET ALLUM& CHUCK STEMKE Ozomatli's new album, Embrace the Chaos, has a different feel to the Los Angeles-based band's self-titled debut album. But it is still full of the joy of life
Disaster Day On October 19, 2001, an asylum-seeking vessel sank and 353 refugees drowned while on the way from Indonesia to Christmas Island. If we are to accept the possible explanation by former Australian diplomat Tony Kevin, writing in the
Palestine solidarity protest planned WOLLONGONG — At a May 11 meeting, Palestinian solidarity activists decided to call a protest on May 25 to help free Palestine. The rally will begin at 10.30 am outside Fred Moore House in Lowden Square and
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