Legislation's blind spot By Angela Matheson Women's health is worse than men's. They suffer injuries from sexual and domestic violence, are more susceptible to drug addiction and depression and are poorer than men. Women, in fact, are
By Martin Mulligan Deputy prime minister Brian Howe, titular leader of the federal parliamentary "left", hasn't fared very well with a number of pet projects in recent times. Medicare co-payment and Better Cities appear to have attracted little
By Peter Boyle Desperate for a job? How about $3000 a week to work with a British construction company in Kuwait? You answer the ad and get a letter promising return air fares, all meals and free accommodation. All you have to do is send $30 to
By Tracy Sorensen Over 20 years ago, the irreverent magazine Oz — produced by a group of young Australians living in Britain — advertised for school students to edit issue number 26. The hopefuls turned up at Richard Neville's London flat
By Rose McCann SYDNEY — On March 6, the day before Sydney's annual International Women's Day march, Helena Pollard had her car radio tuned to the Doug Mulray breakfast program on 2MMM. The program included a skit that involved a woman being
Hard times "It is indecent that people should be spending this amount of money on a yacht race. You'll have to be prepared to spend $100 million to be in the America's Cup, and to me that is indecent ... I have been forced out." — Challenge
Is Australia becoming a more overtly repressive society? There are a number of serious developments, writes VAL PLUMWOOD, which indicate that this is happening. Recent figures show a shocking 80% rise in Aboriginal prisoners in custody in NSW
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The Wills by-election on April 11 is shaping up as a dry run for a full federal election. Labor and Liberal campaigns are being run by Prime Minister Paul Keating and opposition leader John Hewson. The policy debate
By Kevin Healy There was much understandable excitement down at the dole office this week when it was announced officially that True Blue Aussie with the Big Red heart was officially out of its official recession. "Isn't that the best news
Admission Impossible By Alec Morgan A Film Australia production in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Screening on ABC TV Sunday, March 29, 8.30 p.m. Reviewed by Barry Healy This short documentary delves into the


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