By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — The Age Comedy Festival has become a major event on the festival circuit. This year it features such treats as Bea Arthur from the popular Golden Girls TV comedy series, and regular events like the Charity Gala
By Marion Davies The Scottish National Party, until recently viewed by many as tartan Tories, is riding high as growing numbers of Scots call for independence. Thanks to the SNP's prominent role in fighting the poll tax and other unpopular
By Norm Dixon The African National Congress has described President F.W. de Klerk's proposed constitutional arrangements as a "recipe for disaster" and a ruse to "retain the accumulated privileges of apartheid". During the referendum campaign
Ian Jackson On March 14, Ian Jackson died following a short illness. Ian, aged 33, fell ill while travelling throughout Europe during 1991. Upon his return to Australia, he was admitted to Woden Valley Hospital in Canberra. Ian had been active in
SYDNEY — Several unions are supporting a Sydney Workers' Cultural Project, which will take up a variety of social and cultural issues among workers. An initial project will take up the question of workers with disabilities. Main supporters of
By Norm Dixon "Men, woman and children are dying for the lack of medicines because the Papua New Guinea government, supported by the Australian government, has blockaded Bougainville", Melbourne barrister Rosemary Gillespie told a press
BRISBANE — A lively discussion followed talks by activists from the women's movement speak on "the Beauty Myth" at the Green Left forum on March 11. Gai Lemon, a tutor in sexuality at Queensland University of Technology, spoke about the way
Difficult Women Budinski's Theatre of Exile 388 Brunswick St, Fitzroy March 24 & 31. Bookings 417 4791. Cost $6 Reviewed by Jolyon Campbell Above an unobtrusive cafe in Fitzroy is the current home of a small but original theatre company.
By John R. Hallam In what has almost become a ritual, the ALP is yet again preparing to tear up the "three mine policy" on uranium. Everyone agrees that the policy is not entirely rational. It can't be, because it is a political compromise
Backfire: The CIA's Biggest Burn By Ron Ridenour Jose Marti Publishing House, Havana, 1991. 174 pp. $5.00 Reviewed by Steve Painter This is the story of one of the CIA's most embarrassing, and least publicised, incidents: its infiltration by


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